Thursday, December 27, 2007

Road Trip!


I am so thankful.
One beauty of divorce is that I get time away from my boys. Of course I miss them, though time to do what I wish is precious.

So, the road trip in order was just decided yesterday and I have no idea what is going to happen today or when I will be back (sometime before January 2nd, 6pm). Damn, that's just awesome!!

Heading to Chicago to visit friends from my Guatemala trip. According to Allie, I should be ready for all sorts of "frolicking." Frolicking?! Bring it on!! Indoor/outdoor fun, parties, gym, ice skating, extending roadtrip to Iowa? are a few things she mentioned to me. BRING IT ON!!

Life is sweet and tasty,
best enjoyed through experience and laughter.
Perhaps I will share some stories with you later.
Then again, a smile on my face always keeps people guessing.

Where was your last roadtrip?
(Christmas returns does not qualify)

1 comment:

SOUL said...

well, that answered my question...
frolick away!
btw--- my last road trip was to NM. for turkey day--- but as for frolicking... ummmm, don't remember- yep i'm a fun one i know.