Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Organizing Your Weakest Link (Part 2)

In a previous post, I wrote about THAT room we all have in our home. That scary room that is the catch all for all things we just don't know where to put them. Perhaps it is not a room, but a closet or, if you're lucky, a drawer.

"Michele's" home is another beautiful home, well organized and decorated for the Christmas holiday. But....bum, bum, bahm....she has THAT room.

This room is could be used for a guest bedroom or a craft room, though it is THAT room for everything that hasn't quite found a home in Michele's home. Michele has craft supplies, gifts, summer home supplies, bed, home decor, her kid's toys/keepsakes, school team gear, books, magazines, etc, etc, etc .......

"Where do we start?"
"Doesn't this room scare you?"
"This has got to be the worst thing you have ever seen?"

Well, we start by choosing an item near by: Keep or Pitch.
If Keep, then put it away. If Pitch, trash or donate.
No, this room does not scare me.
No, this is not the worst thing I have ever seen.

5 hours later.
One mini van loaded with bags and boxes for donation.
One front porch filled with bags to be trashed.
Michele's room is now much more organized.

She now has all her gifts together ready for wrapping. Her summer home supplies are together. Michele's craft supplies are organized in a cabinet. She sorted through her cookbooks and found some to bring to the kitchen, many others will be donated. Kid's items are back in their rooms, school sports gear is in a plastic bin.

That room is in much better shape. Still a bit of work ahead. Perhaps installing some shelving for a craft/gift center. That decision will come after the holidays.

Michele feels much better about her home and Goodwill is getting a van loaded with some great donations. I am glad I was able to get Michele motivated to clean-up That room.

What have you taken from your home for donation?


Wuttisak Kormpar said...

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SOUL said...

how did you get that pic of my house???

holy cow--- i have...had..THAT room.. THREE of them actually.
tossed a ton...donated two tons...and STILL HAVE three tons WTH????

anyhow--- too bad you don't live closer--- i could sure use your skillz---or even some of your energy. .. oh well...

happy thursday!