Friday, December 07, 2007

Jacob is 7 ... finally

"I'm turning 7, on December 7, in 2007"

Jacob's enthusiasm about his birthday is very similiar to mine. He has stretched it out to a week long celebration. And I love it!!

Yes, Jacob has a mohawk and sometimes it is red. I figured he's not in the job market right now, why not have a crazy hairstyle. Honestly, it matches his personality.

My letter to Jacob is written and sealed.

Jacob's birthday week was kicked off with another tradition the boys and I share -- creating their birthday cake. Staying with the theme, Jacob wanted a 7 cake.

Jacob has such an energizing personality.
He's crazy like his mommy.
And the entertaining way he eats cake ..... I could sell tickets.

Happy Birthday Jacob!
I love you!
xoxoxox eeeek xoxoxox

What birthday traditions do you have?

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Unknown said...

This is great ! Our tradition as of late is to go to a book store and first fill up on panini's and dessert, then spend a few hours listening to music and flipping through thousands of books. I made the mistake of making a deal with my kids years ago, that I would never buy them a video game, but would always buy them any book they want. They love to read now but I'm spending a fortune on books and running out of room to store them (with no regrets!)