Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Room of Doom

I remember when the PC game, Doom, first came out. It was one of the original first person games and I became addicted to it. Working at Ford at the time, a group of us talked about strategies to defeat the evil monsters and conquer the boss. We even began created our own games, creating our workplace in the know, engineering geeks.

"The room of doom," is what "Pat" nicknamed her utility room in her basement. An area where she did laundry, stored pantry items, summer supplies, keepsake items and boxes & bags of stuff she didn't quite find a spot for in her home.

We only had 1 hour before I had to leave and she doubted if we could make any difference in this area. Ooh, a challenge.

We started making a pile of stuff to be placed upstairs in her kitchen and bedrooms. Pantry items were placed in a pantry closet. Summer items were stored in the cabinets that originally were empty. A bag of items was collected for donation. Finally, we had a bag of stuff to be trashed.

Pat was amazed at how great the room looked and felt in just 1 hour.
"It's no longer the room of doom. I can work in here and smile now."

I challenge you to pick a room and focus on getting it organized.

You can do it. You will feel better.

What game (board, PC or game system) do you love to play?


SOUL said...

i used to be addicted to tetris and mario brothers.. i have yet to master any newer electronic game after the original nintendo.
and i dominate at scrabble... but no one ever plays with me :((

merry christmas!

(and tell me why your ex's name just popped into my head for no apparent reason! lol)

Angie Weid said...

Soul, I have no idea why you would think of Nimrod. Hopefully the though made you laugh and smile?

SOUL said...

yes, yes as a matter of fact it did! lol

i did by the way figure out why i thought of it---the name i mean... it was because, i had thought of your kids..cuz i was thinking of your christmas..i was gonna say merry christmas etc.. then wondered if your boys would be with you..or , nimrod.. i still have to laugh at that name!!!
anyhow... yes my mind moves in tragically mysterious directions sometimes.
but anyhow--- merry christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the same as Soul....tetris.... oh well..... Merry Christmas Angie! Here's to blogging together in 2008!