Monday, December 10, 2007

Toledo is Getting Organized


I am so thankful to WTOL for placing me on their program.

I am looking forward to helping some families in the Toledo area get organized.

Here's a link to the Your Day website. Here you will find the video under "Organizing Tips for the Holidays." I will have the video posted next week.

This is so amazingly delightful!
Thank you to everyone who believed in me.

Toledo -- Send in your projects to,
let's get organized!

What project do you want help with?


Anonymous said...

Great Job Angie....thanks so much for the holiday tips!

Hope to see more of you as a regular spot on WTOL.

Anonymous said...

Angie that is SWEET!!!
Fantastic job. Looking forward to more WTOL appearances. Question though: Does this now mean you have a "real job?"

Anonymous said...

What about those people that have everything in the backseat of their car?

Angie Weid said...

I can help people in all areas of their home and office. Backseats of cars need to be organized, too! Mine gets out of hand at times. Send in pictures, help is on the way.