Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello ... CBS Survivor

The package is good to go ... again.

I don't watch that much TV,
though I am a Survivor junkie.
At this point, I cannot quit.

It may seem ridiculous, but I must continue to apply to be on this show. Not submitting my application would drive me nuts because it is admitting defeat. Once I set my mind to do something, it must get done. I am a driven person and, quite likely, a bit off.

So, you've seen it before.
Here it is again.

This time I asked my friends to help me with a few questions. It was interesting to see what they said about me (all good - Thank you friends!)

I put a bit of attitude into many of the other questions, probably because that's me. One that just made me laugh was:

"If you could hold any political office, what would it be and why?"

My answer: President of the USA - Because I would have my own plane and helicopter to take me places. Plus, there are likely some really nice, fluffy pillows in the bedroom.

I will be in Chicago around March, then LA April/May, then off to a "remote location" for 7 weeks June-August. Speaking engagements can be scheduled around December 2008. (Hey if you can't imagine the outcome, why play the game!)

What political office would you hold and why?


SOUL: said...

so by "will be".. does that mean they picked you??????
wussssup.. ...?

SOUL: said...

OMG i laughed out loud watching that!!!
you are AWESOME! you are hilarious, and i love your grippy toes.. how funny!!!
we are survivor junkies here too-- and i would love to see you win a million dollars--- you so deserve it-- if for no other reason-- for being you--- and of course--for making me laugh today
and a rocket scientist
who knew
happy thursday

Mark said...

Funny stuff! Hope you get what you want and that you really know what you want.


That was Great!! I wish they allowed viewers to vote for the audition tapes, because I'd vote for you. I found you by way of Soul! I loved it over here! Thank you to Soul, and thank you for the great video!

Good luck!!

SOUL: said...

hmmm... isn't it strange-- people come via a link.. and go back to the link to talk to the linkee-- (well, most i should say--nothing against them, at least they say something, that you can see, and appreciate..somewhere..)

but hey y'all...
if you find this page... by my page--- talk to angie.. she's awesome.. she may not have time to go to my page to see what you have to say about her..or her video-- or best wishes for her future on the show...

leave her some stuff here too k?
bye angie