Friday, January 11, 2008

Pretty Purple Pinkies

Pinkie toes that is!

Two weeks into 2008
and I'm on vacation.
Damn fine start I'd say!

Hey, a friend of mine needed someone to fill a vacation spot. I can't turn a friend away in a time of need. I'm really doing a good deed ... right?

New swim suit
Fresh Pedicure
Latest Cosmopolitan magazine
.... and my laptop is staying home!!

Sand and sea will surround us, the ocean spray will be on my lips and we will be laughing our butts off every day!! Oh there will be stories. Some to share and others not.

I'll be back in a week.

Where in the world do you want to escape to?


desert dirt diva said...

so where did u go and did you make the survivor??? i'm dieing to know...

Anonymous said...

cool! looking forward to seeing you back... good audition for "survivor" by the way! you can bet I'll be watching from here...might be a season behind tho!

Angie Weid said...

No, I just sent in my Survivor package. First round interviews are in March.

I'm in the Bahamas. It's delightful.

SOUL said...

OMG-- the bahamas? i am soooo jealous. i don't think i have ever actually written that on anyones blog before-- but i have said i wanted to go to the bahamas FOREVER!!!

have you ever been there before?
is it everything you thought it would be??
i bet it is soooo warm.

i hope you have the best time EVER!!!!!!

are you drinkin those colored drinks with fruit and umbrellas in em on the beach????

i was born for tropical weather you know. hmmmmm.
perhaps a sun lamp, or a tanning bed will have to do.