Friday, January 25, 2008

Office Organization Magic

"WOW! You are a magician!"
That's what someone said as they walked near the end of a business office project. The business owner, "Sally," is running around making contacts in the community, juggling her community interests, creating two successful businesses and meeting publishing deadlines. Keeping her office organized can be tricky. To add to the mess, Sally recently made some changes to her office set up and needed to get organized more than ever.

You can see in this before picture of Sally's supply area. Items are everywhere: Office supplies, old equipment, decorations, files, etc. "Do what you have to do to make this better," were the directions given to me.

I began by sorting the items on the desk so I would have a raised working surface. As I sorted I had three piles: Donate, Trash and Recycle. Sally's business uses a lot of paper, so recycling was needed. The Keep items were found homes as I worked.

Eventually, progress was made and Sally's office supply area became organized. No more stepping over boxes when trying to find the extra staples and tape.

Books and binders located on one shelving cabinet. Office supplies placed in another shelving systems. Paper supply grouped together on a third.

And here is all the stuff to be donated:
Old filing baskets, tape dispensers, staplers, chairs, stuffed panda bear and various other office items that have not been used in many years (I could tell by the amount of dust on them). The right half of this pile are boxes of paper that will be recycled or shredded.

Which leaves the trash pile: Six bags, along with a couple boxes, a broken lamp and a large cardboard box.

Sally was just delighted with the project's final appearance.

If an area of your home or office is making you stop and think something negative, use that feeling to grab a garbage bag and start clearing up your space.

What room in your home needs some organizing magic?

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SOUL said...

do you do garages?
how bout storage bins?
all my crap from the move is still in boxes just thrown places-- in fact we still have a spare vehicle in the driveway full of crap...
i know i know.
i dont even want the vehicle, much less what's in it-- but oh well.
happy weekend