Friday, January 04, 2008

Vision Board

I remember way back in 1991 I brought my first brand new car home and showed my grandma:

"Well look at that. Angie, you always wanted a red sports car and there you have it."

I asked my grandma what she was talking about. Turns out, when I was younger I always had a picture of a red sports car somewhere in my bedroom. I had completely forgot about that.

Last year I created a Vision Board which was tremendously successful for me. Many items on there were achieved: vacations, bike, phone, camera, friends, health, family, business and, yes, romance.

It was be crazy for me to NOT have a Vision Board for 2008. Right?!

I'll keep you posted on my progress.
... and yeah, there's a shiny, red sports car on it, too.

Matthew is creating a vision board for himself. He's 9.5 years old! Maybe when he is done, he'll let me share it with you.

I triple-dog-dare you to put your goals in front of your face this year.
Look at them everyday at least twice.
And see if your goals are achieved.

What car do you want to own?


Anonymous said...

a mustang convertible....

SOUL said...

i really like that idea. and it is kind of funny to me.. not haha funny-- but me and my sis, when we were kids, used to make collages all the time.. of different things. just for something to do really. but this is a pretty cool idea. maybe something fun to do with my soulkid too.
you do come up with some great ideas!
there's that damn word again. geesh.
i have no idea what kind of car i want. i haven't even looked around to see whats out there these days.
i'll get back to you on that
happy friday

Jon said...

I have a VB (vision board) but it's covered with images of home details that I would love to incorporate into a retreat somewhere, somehow. One time on a flight to who-know-where I started talking about the dream of having a cabin with the person next to me and she said flat out-right "cool dream but how are you going to pull that off". When I didn't answer she said "you know... what's your plan?... what are the steps?... do you have them identified?"

This brief conversation with a complete stranger haunts me every time I drool over any "reach" goal. I would be interesting to see what your son comes up with as his steps to achieving his VB.... let us know. I might try that with my kids too.

Louise Kahle said...

When I met my husband in 1972. He didn't have any money but he was cute and had a '69 Mach 1 Mustang, so I married him. Today he is still cute, has some money and drives a sexy retro mustang. What a catch!
When I was 16, I wanted a Camero. That year at Christmas there was a gift under the tree from my 12 year old brother. It was a Matchbox Camero with a note that said, Dear Louise, I wanted to be the one to buy you your first Camero.

Anonymous said...

When I was 16, I had my heart set on a '66 Mustang, black. Somehow, my Dad thought the typing teacher's '82 Escort, red, was a much wiser choice.

Deep down, I'd still like to have that Mustang.