Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ceiling Fan Project

Jacob and I had a fun little project tonight,
swapping out his old ceiling fan for a new one.

When I asked Jacob what he wanted for Christmas this year, he said Imaginext, Guinea Pig supplies, Nitendo DS games, etc. He also asked for a new ceiling fan. (odd?) Well, this fan has always bugged him. It worked just fine, though it was pretty small.

I finally got to Lowes and picked out a new ceiling fan for Jacob last week (no, I didn't put a ceiling fan under our Christmas tree). Afterschool today, Jacob and I began our project. It is important to me to work on home improvement project with my boys.

We talked about:
-the importance of shutting off the electricity
-how difficult it is to figure out how to get the old one off
-what each part is for on the new ceiling fan
-how to connect the wires (again, why the electricity is off)

The coolest part is having Jacob throw the breaker, him run upstairs and see his new ceiling fan working, lights and fan. SWEET!

We celebrated our accomplishment by getting some pizza.
(the old fan will be added to the boys garage sale in spring)

I love being a mom!
It's days like today that make all the stress being a single parent minuscule.

What is a story about your kids that takes your stress away?


Anonymous said...

hmmm...when she comes and hugs me and says... "don't go...."

Techietami said...

One on one time with the boys is best. With the older one I might have him drive me somewhere or with the younger one we might do something like walk up to the ice cream shop.

SOUL said...

that top pic looks like he's hanging
or am i just warped?

Angie Weid said...

Soul - hahaha....yes, Jacob does look like he's hanging. That is his impression of being bored.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Hey I need a smaller ceiling fan for Austin's bedroom. When we put his in, he insisted on having the bigger fan because he likes all the air. Well, it doesn't work so hot in his room because the fan is too large. Would you consider a trade for yours?

Anonymous said...

The latest treat I've had with my son is watching him prepare for a role in the school play "Willy Wonka". He landed the Mr. Bucket (Charlie's dad) role. I volunteered for the set and props commitee... if we need a ceiling fan, I'll give you a call.