Friday, December 28, 2007

Beer in a Martini Glass

I'm Roadtriping in Chicago, so I thought I would share this story.

A girlfriend said she heard that:
"men are intimidated by women who drink beer."
I laughed, never have heard such a thing.

While I waiting to meet her at a local pub, I ordered a beer and asked the bartender to give me a martini glass. He looked at me quite odd (happens often, I do crazy stuff often) and handed me a martini glass. When my friend showed up, she busted out laughing. Ever since then, I drink my beers out of a martini glass. It is much more fun than drinking out of those big ol' mugs. Plus, it just feels sexy.

And when it comes down to it, doesn't everyone just want to have fun and feel sexy?
I challenge you: Next time you go out and order a beer, ask for a martini glass.

How does drinking a beer out of a martini glass make you feel?


Anonymous said...

So, what do we call these concoctions? A beertini?
Some have asked, "Did you see the head on that martini?"

Anyway, beertini's make me feel generous. I have a New Year's gift for you when your return from Chi-town. Be safe. Have fun!

SOUL said...

that is really cute. and if i drank beer--- i myself would have a "beer-tini" right now.
but , well since i do not--- you make sure you have one for me... and tell me this... does it taste better when you feel sexy drinking it that way?

hope you are on a pleasure trip and not business.

regardless.. eat lots, drink lots, and have lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

awesome..the road trip and all...hmmm.. never tried it..but it would definitely make the beer taste...sophistocated??? LOL..I'll try it sometime..if and when I can find a martini glass....!

Debby said...

Angie, I love the look or martini glasses, but hate the way one martini can make me feel. Thanks for giving me permission to use my glasses any way I want to!