Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gaining Healthy Weight

In 4 years, I have lost 20 lbs and nearly gained it back.

Picture dated July 2003, two days before I was told: Now, 4 years ago I lost that 20 lbs in 3 weeks due to the stress and not eating because my husband told me he was having an affair. (bit of a shock to my system to say the least!) I was severely depressed at what my world had become. The news blindsided me. I had NO IDEA what was going on. Looking back, oh yeah, signs were everywhere. At first, my husband had me convinced it was my fault for what he had done, I should have been a better wife ... blah, blah, blah. Well, my attitude began to change.........

Picture dated November 2004, getting ready to jump off a 50ft cliff: I began rediscovering myself. I spent about 4-5 days/week at the gym working out 1-2 hrs. In addition, I would be out on some serious mountain bike trails 1-2 days/week. Needless to say, I was in amazing shape and condition. I was coping with a pending divorce, moving my home, dealing with an ex-husband that was ... well ... difficult (to be kind with words). Working out was far healthier way of dealing with my stress than alcohol and drugs, though I did lean on both at needed times.

I moved away from him and closer to my mom.
Started up Organized Solutions and life has been so good since.

Picture dated September 2007, out with friends: Happy, healthy and not quite 20 lbs gained in 3 years. UGH! I haven't dieted in the past, I don't eat poorly and I'm not going to start dieting now. The ability to workout is not happening right now. That is the result of this slow weight gain.

When I step on a scale and see my weight, I could let that number make me feel bad. As I stand there, I think about who I am, what it took to get to this point and how I have returned to myself - Happier than ever.

That number is a point of information. It means nothing to me.
Looking around me at what matters: My boys, my family, my friends.
That weight cannot be measured.

Next time you step on a scale,
Close your eyes and do not look at the number.
Think about who you are and take the weight of yourself.
Appreciate all that you have.
Do this daily.
The weight you gain from this is precious.

What do you appreciate about yourself?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact that I never give up on what I feel is truly important in my life.

Hey, Angie. I don't recognize the person in the top photo. Don't know her. Never met her.

Angie Weid said...

I don't even recognize pictures of me prior to my divorce. It's kinda creepy to see how sad I was and not even know it at that time.