Friday, December 14, 2007

The Closet from Hell

Now, that is what "Molly" deemed her closet to be.
I saw the potential for it to be a great closet.

Molly has lots of stuff. Piled all over the shelves. Even stuff stacked in the center on the closet floor, though you can no longer walk around because there is more stuff tossed around. (perhaps I should choose a different word than 'stuff?')

In order to get started, we had to pull all the items on the floor out of the room so we can have some room to work.
Like most projects, I warned Molly that this was going to get worse before it gets better. With room to work, we started on the top shelves and began pulling items down and decided what stays and what goes.

Molly began finding items she had forgotten about. She discovered wrapping supplies, boxes & bags of plastic silverware, plates and napkins for every occasion. Memories were found in pictures and kids artwork.

The floor was found and the closet became organized. An area for each season of home decorations, large kitchen items grouped together, party supplies for each theme on one shelf, and a supply area for napkins, plates, silverware and candles.

Bags of items had to be trashed because they were crushed, broken or worn out. Many more items were loaded into her Molly's car to be donated and enjoyed by a new family. Molly began to feel much better about this closet.

"Oh my, it is actually functional. I can find stuff again."

Now Molly can prepare for her holiday parties this weekend and use some of the items she found that were lost in her closet.

What have you found recently at the bottom of your closet?

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