Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blog Love

The holiday season is over.

We can all get our homes back to looking normal and move on to the New Year.

This morning I woke up to find some Blog Love sent my way.

Say What?! is a great blog for browsing when you need a giggle in your day. It is a collection of signs that make you wonder. I sent Lorraine a few signs. She posted this one today.

My son, Matthew, had a medical test recently (he's healthy, just an evaluation) and when I came across this I just started laughing. Perhaps it is just me, but I always do my best. Settling for "very good" just doesn't cut it.

Check out Say What?! and keep your eyes out for curious signs.
Thank you Lorraine for passing on some love. Looking forward to seeing which of my Australian road signs you post in the future.

What is level of customer service do you expect at a hospital?


SOUL said...

oh don't even get me goin on my opinion of medical care :))

i'm with you though--- and also had the thought of the "oh, it's over, phew" goin on this mornin.

back to real life soon... just not soon enough.

have a good one.

Louise Kahle said...

Thanks for introducing me to this blog. I now have it in my favorites, and I left a message on the one about Can Food Drive.