Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life is an Adventure

What a crazy fun adventure!!
So many things happened on my Habitat Build in Guatemala. The team was amazingly fun.

Random thoughts from this trip....

1. I appreciate cool drinking water!

2. When in Guatemala, drink Gallo beer. Chicken beer rocks! Not made from chickens, just chicken on the logo.

3. I do not want to eat rice or beans for at least one month.

4. No cell phone for 10 days is AWESOME!!!

5. Do not touch the shower heads in Guatemala. You can get an electric shock. (I found out the hard way)

6. Being nearly impaled by horns of a cow is a little scary. (and I didn't do anything to provoke the beast)

7. Glop is fun to make.

8. Land to build a home in Guatemala = $250
Cost to home owner to build a Habitat home = $2000(this is a third to fourth of the price to rent a single room home)

9. Kids in Guatemala look so happy, healthy and active. And they have nothing compared to the kids in the US.

10. Howler monkeys are crazy creatures.

11. Machetes are fun to use. Yeah, I had to buy one, let me know if you have something for me to chop.

12. "I am going to kill that damn rooster."

13. Letting the wound "bleed out" is better than cleaning it up ... when in Guatemala. (OK, I twisted my ankle and gouge my shin hauling dirt out of a house. I'm not a clutz, just an aggressive worker.)

14. Moving blocks, mixing glop, hauling "crack", shoveling dirt, tying rebar and sweating my butt off with an amazing group of people = I would do it all again in a flash!

There are so many more thoughts I have, perhaps some of my Guatemala "Hollas" will comment.

I'm sad today. I miss all you crazy Howlas from Guatemala!!!

What adventures has your life involved?


Anonymous said...

Your videos are hysterical. Looks like you all had way too much fun. I want to go on an adventure with you.

Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

awesome and a lot of VALUEABLE lessons learned!