Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It could have been worse

Pouring rain. I mean POURING rain.
Windows up.
A/C going.
Radio on.
Green light to pass through the intersection.

UH OH... Firetruck, lights flashing, in same intersection.

I slam on my brakes, not really wanting to hit the nice Firetruck.
My Car is hydroplaning.
"Car stop. Car Stop. CAR STOP!"
Just missed the firetruck, slowly hit the curb.
Back up, continue on to my client.

Mmmm, something is wrong.
Pull over.
Still pouring rain.
I have a flat. (bummer!)
At least it is just a flat tire.
I call my client, gonna be a little late.

As I am changing my tire, I stop and look around at all the cars going by as I am in the Home Depot parking lot. And, I start to laugh. Rain is coming down like crazy, I narrowly escaped smashing into a firetruck, now jacking up my car, wondering "Wow, good thing I took a shower this morning." I just started laughing.

20 minutes later.
Yeah, only 20 minutes to change my tire.
Tire is changed, call my client, back on the road.

I don't know. Crazy, but I did have a great day today.
And changing my tire was part of it.

Thought I would share this story.

NO, I am NOT adding tire changing to my services.

When was the last time you played in the rain?


Debby said...

This is not the last time I played in the rain, but several years ago on a Sunday I had planned to establish a rock flower bed at the back corner of my house. Of course, the day dawned to pouring rain. I figured that I was going to get sweaty anyway, so the rain shouldn't be a stopper. I had to put down a bed of sand first, and I must admit that it was a lot heavier than normal, but I got it done. Couldn't decide if I was just sweaty or just wet, or a little of both!

Anonymous said...

Great story. And I think you should add "teaching how to change a flat in the pouring rain" to your menu of services!