Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jack Surprises his Wife

Jack is a sweetheart of a man.
His love for his wife is obvious.
And he wants me to help surprise his wife
by organizing her closet.

I am so excited!!

Jack read about me in the Sylvania Advantage and asked me to get his wife's closet organized while she is away at work. (YEAH!!)

This is my second client that wanted me surprise his wife.
(Where are more of these guys? I'm a fun, adventurous, single chick)

The closet was not in bad shape. Jack had purchases some new hangers for me to use, along with some shoe storage boxes.

"Just make it look neat and tidy. I want to do something really special for my wife."

I started by removing all the shoes, bags and boxes on the floor. Then began switching the clothes onto the new hangers. Jack had purchased some shoe storage boxes which worked really well. They are clear so you can see inside and each one slides out independently. Pretty cool system, way better than fumbling through stacks of shoe boxes.

Jack was completely thrilled with the closet organization.

Now the big test is: What will his wife think?

I'm thinking Jack's gift to his wife is going to score HUGE
brownie points for him. But I also have the feeling Jack doesn't really need them. He truly loves his wife.

Jack, Thank you for having me help you with your surprise.
It is men like you that make me smile.

What person has surprised you with kindness?

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