Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kitty Kat Bikers

My sides are sore today from laughing my butt off during a summer outing with the William Vaughan Company.

A group of about 40 business women were invited to go to Put-N-Bay for a day of networking, socializing and FUN!!

Some of us decided to rent mopeds and cruise/terrorize this little Ohio island. Kitty Kat Bikers is what we ended up deciding to call our bike pack based on a story from one of the women.

The fun began from the time we got on the bus, onto the boat ride to the island, during the tour, lunch, networking games, riding the mopeds, having a few drinks, dancing at the bar, the returning boat ride, and the bus trip home.

WOW!! What a day!

I find it hard to believe that guys could have as much fun as we did today.

So who has more fun? A pack of men or women??


Anonymous said...

We're creative in how the fun gets done. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

As a William Vaughan Company hostess to the event, we are very thrilled that all enjoyed themselves and had good time. Despite the hot day and the 7AM departure, the event was hugely successful. Michelle Klement