Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Miss My Boys!

I have not seen my boys since August 11th, the day I left for Guatemala.

The plan was I would be picking them up after a week with their father on August 21st. I had an agreement with their father that they would stay a couple extra nights with him.

That was until......he changed his mind.

Knowing my former's history, Matthew, Jacob and I had a discussion prior to leaving that this may happen. What is sad is that their father drove the boys 45 minutes to our usual half-way point, knowing I would not be there. My Boys even told him that mommy would not be there, yet he went anyway?? Only to drive another 45 minutes back to his home.

Now I could easily remedy this situation by driving an hour and half to get my boys and bring them home. However, before I left I explained to Matthew and Jacob why I would not drive up to their dad's to pick them up. When I do get to talk to them, they understand.

It is a stand-off. I am not happy about it.
Perhaps it is childish.
I feel, "Enough is enough."
I will not be pushed around or controlled
any longer.
My boys are paying the price for all of this. That is sad.

Have you ever felt so strongly about taking a stand?
Did it make a difference?


Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns baby!!

He's an a$$hole. Your boys know you are a strong woman, not to be messed with. And they know their dad is being a nimrod.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...the kids have it sussed out... adults... sometimes... Good for you!