Sunday, April 29, 2007

Working with a Spinning Wheel

Julia moved into her apartment a few months ago and still has not quite found a spot for all of her things. Specifically, her craft room. She loves to knit and has made some beautiful items. Even uses a spinning wheel, alas no floor space to use it. Julia also sketches, embroiders, sews, and quilts. She is an organized person, but when a room gets out of control sometimes a little help goes a long way.

These BEFORE pics show the room to be organized. I immediately thought of using these great stackable storage units. Reasonably priced, no holes in walls required (remember this is an apartment), and perfect for all the different crafts.

Julia went out and picked out the cabinets she liked and started to assemble them. (yeah, I love when clients get a jump on the project). We moved the cabinets into the room and started to find homes for all the items. Even placed her stuffed animals around so they can keep her company while she knits, or sketches, or paints.

Slowly the room came together and the floor was found. The goal of getting the spinning wheel onto the floor was achieved. Julia was most excited about finding a spot in her cabinets for all her candles.

There was also a closet in the room that was not optimizing the space. We could not install shelving (remember apartment), so we moved the shelving Julia had into the closet. It worked GREAT! She can now find all her supplies quickly.

Julia, it has been my pleasure helping you get organized.

What unusual item have you worked with in your business?

Friday, April 27, 2007

What If?

This is inspired by my post,
"21 Random Thoughts."

Specifically, #12 Why do we still need warnings on plastic bags?

So this got me thinking.....WHAT IF?

1. Everyone stopped and watched a bird floating in the sky.

2. You took the time to listen to your opponent's point of view.

3. There were no signs "employees must wash hands before returning to work."

4. You showed someone what you did, rather than told them.

5. The rain did wash away all our problems.
Would you wish for rain everyday?

6. We had those Jetson-like flying cars.

7. You live your life with no regrets.

8. You knew tomorrow would always be better than today.

9. Socks were sold in groups of 3, instead of pairs.
Then you'd have an extra one.

10. You knew what others say about you.

11. There was a news program that only presented positive stories.

12. You focused on creating a legacy, not a fortune.

13. Doctors had to go through all medical tests themselves, before ordering them for patients.

14. People just did what is right for others.

15. You took the time for everything.

16. You made someone happy today.

Hmmm, What are your "What ifs?"

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Basement Treasures, part 2

Oh the treasures you can find, when opening boxes.

Now in the first post, I found
"The Magic of Your Table Saw." (hilarious)

And the laughs continued today. Leasa Maxx, owner of Maxx Grafx, found many interesting items in her basement boxes including her very first cellphone.

Our goal was to get her basement in order.

These BEFORE pictures show the task that was ahead for us. A "catch all" area for stuff with too much stuff, a family play area and a storage/business supply/everything else area. There is a workout and music "jammin'" area, but that area is where we set the items for her husband to sort through (and he has a bit of work to do). So, perhaps we can show that picture on another post.

Well, 3 trips to the Goodwill with 2 truck loads each, numerous bags & boxes for trash, many lost memories revisited, and some fantastic treasures found. (don't forget all the laughs, too)

We reached the AFTER photos phase of this project.

After all the sorting through many boxes, old toys, college notebooks & text books, household items no longer of use and "Why do I still have this?", we came up with a great kid's play area and a business supply area, too.

Leasa, It was my pleasure helping you get your basement under control. And thank you for all the laughs!!

What interesting item have you found in your home?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bikin' with Jacob

My youngest son and I went biking today.

It was amazing to get him on the trails.

He had an incredible wipe out.

Going down a hill, Jacob hit some sand, too much brake---Down he went. Rolled over, bike flipped, big 'ol scrap on his elbow,
"Mom, I even banged my head on the ground."

Wiping out just like mom (tears in eyes, sniff), I'm so proud of him! He jumped back on his bike and rode on.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.....I'll get back to business posts.

My boys are #1 in my life.

We just have some good stuff going on right now.

What have you done fun with your kids?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Enjoy Yourself

I am having a bit of a difficult time getting back into "work mode" post my vacation.

So, to counter this I did nothing but enjoy myself this weekend. (I know that really isn't a counter, but this is my blog)

Come on!

It was a GORGEOUS weekend here in the Toledo, OH area.

And I got on my Mt. Bike for the first time this year and got....MUDDY!!! Not as bad as this picture, though give me a fresh rainstorm and I am on the trails getting dirty.

I don't know if it is the thought of getting all dirty that is fun, or how good you feel when you clean up from being all dirty.
Either way, I enjoy getting muddy.

I also got in a game of golf, a couple fantastic dinners with a friend, some house stuff done and a tiny bit of business.

I will get back to my business posts soon....please be patient (I think it is suppose to rain tomorrow...mmmm, time for mt. biking)

How did you enjoy yourself this past weekend?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The first time I heard of NOGA
I immediately thought Animal House,
"Toga, Toga, Toga!"

I thought....mmmm, I need to check this group out.

Well, NOGA is the Northwest Ohio Gerontological Association.
They describe themselves as, "a multidisciplinary professional organization that offers educational and networking opportunities to individuals in the care of older adults. "

My target market is retirees and senior citzens. I help them prepare when downsizing homes and sorting out belongings accumulated in their life. When loved one has died, I assist the family in managing the belongings of their loved one. In all cases, I help prepare items for donation, resale or for transfer to another family's home.

This month's NOGA has been kind enough to do an article on me. (click here, see page 7). There is some bio information and a short article on getting organized.

WOW!! Thank You!!

NOGA Times is a monthly newletter.
Current and past newletters are available,too (click here).

Vickie, Thank you for putting together a great article! YOU ROCK!!

Who in your networking group would you like to feature?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Organizer Gets Organized

(Warning I need to vent a bit)
Well, My boys are suppose to be with their Father this weekend. They are with me. Rather than go into the pathetic story that every other single mom can relate to, let's just say my weekend plans had to change again due to self-centerness.

(Thank you for letting me vent)

ANY WAY.....Turning a negative situtation to a positive.

I cleaned out my closets today.

Yep, even I, a professional organizer, accumulate stuff. And I will admit, my desk clutter can get out of control, too.

So, today I took sometime and went through my closets and dresser drawers. It felt good to get rid of some old clothes, items I loved but were stained and should not be worn again.
Why did I have my shoes from my wedding still?
And a dress ruined at a dry cleaner?

Hey, I had a great day today! Spent some extra time with my boys, bagged clothes for donation, and fun family plans for tomorrow.

How have you taken care of yourself with your business?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Everybody Remain Calm

Back from vacation, and I feel FANTASTIC!!

...bit of a worry in the beginning though.

The setting
4:00 am -- Easter Sunday, about 250+ people waiting to check-in, and no one is at the airline counters, the international flight is scheduled to leave at 6 am.
4:15 am -- Staff shows up, the first people take 20 minutes to check into the flight, and they do not look happy.
4:45 am -- Thankfully I was very near the front of the line, rumors are heard the flight is cancelled (people are getting upset).
5:15 am -- My turn to approach the counter. I saw how everyone was reacting and treating the airline staff.
Giv'em some positive attitude baby!

Me (smiling): Hello Brad, crappy day today.
Brad: Oh man, I got a text message the way into work. I thought about just going home.
Me: Well, I am glad you are here to help me get to Mexico, and I would be delighted if I got there the quickest way possible.
Brad: We have a flight leaving at 6pm that gets in at 10pm
Me(smiling): Brad, What are my other options? I believe there must be alternatives.
Brad (speaking softly): Well, I have a 7 am to Fort Lauderdale then onto Cancun arriving at 1pm
Me (BEAMING): Brad, you have just made me very happy! Can you get me on that flight?
Brad: Should be no problem.
Me(still beaming): You know I'll take a first class seat, if available.
Brad: You got it!
Me (now GLOWING): Brad, Thank you! You have one hell of a day ahead. You have made me feel fantastic. Best of luck.

I was on the beach by 1:30pm looking at this
with drinks (yes, drinks) in hand.

Positive attitude always prevails!

Now I just have to get back to work mode by Monday.....

How have you turned a negative to positive?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Going on Vacation...See Ya Later!

I am slipping away to enjoy some much needed R & R.
My boys are with my dad.
(I'm sure Grandpa will instill some "knowledge" in them)

New swim suit
Fresh pedicure
Latest Cosmo
My laptop is staying home!

I can feel the sand between my toes, hear the ocean waves around me, taste the salt water on my lips, see the blue-green water in front of me....aahhh, delightful!

Last year I commented that Easters are a "time of change for me." I will definitely spend some time reflecting over the past year, recharging my mind and soul....and of course catch some rays, have a few drinks, and continue to giggle and enjoy life.

Happy Easter! I'll be back the end of the week
....with a HUGE smile on my face!!

Where is your favorite vacation destination?

Friday, April 06, 2007

My List

I found something the other day.
A list I made on September 1, 2005.

I remember walking into the woods behind my home early that morning. The day was beautiful, sunny. The smell of Fall season approaching was in the air. I found a large fallen tree and climbed on top, sat down and began to write this list.

This was a pivotal day in my life. Pivotal because I remember being frustrated with my life and what was happening. "Enough was enough," I thought. Time to make a shift. So, I went into the woods with a notepad, pen and a mission to change my mindset.

This is what I wrote:
I am 36 years old, almost 36 1/2. So, in honor of becoming 36 1/2 years old. I am going to come up with a list of good, positive things I have done in my life.
  • I can walk, jump, run and climb--so many people can't or never could
  • I can read and write--seeing my son learning how makes me appreciate how difficult it is.
  • I can whistle
  • I can cook a beautiful meal--casual or formal
  • I can dance--Boy, can I have fun & not care what others think
  • I know how to laugh at myself
  • I survived elementary, jr. high and high school
  • I partied like crazy in college
  • I graduated in 4 years from Purdue University with a degree in BS AAE
  • I survived cancer
  • I have 3 engineering U.S. Patents
  • I am a good, supportive friend--faithful and true
  • I am a great mother--I adore my boys
  • I can build stick forts--really build anything
  • I can paint a room, change a faucet w/plumbing repairs, rewire a basement, install a ceiling fan, do anything in the house
  • I am good at problem solving
  • I am very organized but no how to relax
  • I am a good role model
  • I am strong--physically and mentally
  • I survived my ex-husband's affair--that was devastating
  • I can play video games
  • I can appreciate a light summer breeze
  • I can play, wrestle, chase my boys at a public park
  • I completed Air Force Officer Training camp
  • I have jumped off a 50 ft cliff into the ocean
  • I can windsurf
  • I can play the drums
  • I can play golf--longest drive winner, 350yd, I had a great bounce & roll
  • I am learning from my boys how important the simple things truly are in life
  • I can enjoy dinner at a restaurant by myself
My life has improved every moment since this day.
Take a moment and think about what YOU have accomplished in your life.
What is on your list?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Basement Treasures

I have come across many different items in clients homes:

$80,000 US Savings Bonds
Photographs long thought lost
Missing toy pieces
A mother's favorite coffee mug
.....lots and lots of bugs and spiders (mostly dead).

Today though, I hit the jackpot!

Better than cash or savings bonds (though we did find an empty envelope for savings bonds).

Sorting through a bunch of old books, we came across
"The Magic of Your Table Saw."
Yes, under it was the textbook,
"Abnormal Psychology."

Does that not just crack you up?!
We had a good laugh.
Laughing is a fantastic treasure.

Remember to find a way to laugh everyday.

What treasure have you found with your clients?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Organizing Ogre

OK....Again, I heard something like:

"You know, I have been thinking about calling you but I was just to embarrassed."

After the consult:

"WOW! What was I thinking waiting to call you?"
"I feel there is hope for this room/closet/house."
"I can't wait to get started."

I admit hiring someone to enter your home for ANY project can be uncomfortable.

I am passionate about helping people feel better about their home.

I have lived in a home and felt completely uncomfortable, controlled and depressed for many years. I will NEVER live like that again.

People think professional organizers are going to make you throw away all kinds of items. Not True. Like we are ogres--big, bossy, bold. Twisting your arms to get you to do stuff you don't want to do (maybe some are).

I am far from that.

You don't want my help
--> I am cool with that.

You want to keep 25 pairs of jeans
--> I don't think you need that many, and I will encourage you to choose your favorites. In the end, if you want 25 pairs of jeans, we need to find a place for them (Though, you may have to give up space for your 33 handbags).

If there is an area of your home that drives you nuts, do something!!
  • Take your junk drawer and dump it into the garbage.
  • Get a garbage bag and fill it up with broken/worn out toys.
  • Walk through your home and remove anything that just doesn't feel good or you never really liked. (Even if it is from your sister)

    You will be amazing at how refreshed you feel.

If you are struggling, give me a call.

We will have fun. I promise.

What misconception do people have about you & your business?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Tiny Bites

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler,”
Albert Einstein

Planning and preparation is the most difficult part of most tasks.

For example when painting a wall: You may have to move furniture, take pictures down, tape off the trim, wipe away the cobwebs, layout the dropcloths, drag the ladder into your home, not to forget buy the paint, brushes and rollers. Then...THEN, you get to paint the wall.

Many times it is not the task that we dread, but the prep.

Keep it simple.
It is important not to overwhelm yourself with large projects.
Break bigger projects up into smaller tasks, and appreciate your successes in completing each piece.

What task do you dread?