Thursday, July 23, 2009

Organizing Tune Up

Ever get that feeling perhaps things could be working a little bit better? Everything is working pretty good around your home, though you are finding yourself a tad frustrated or worn out. Perhaps it is time to do a little tweeking to get things back to running smoothly again.

Items have found home in areas they should not be:
- Are you looking for clean clothes in the laundry room because they haven't quite made it to your bedroom?
- Has the pile of papers (ok, piles) on your desk seem to be growing while you sleep?
- Items in the kitchen counters are STILL on the kitchen counters instead of in their place in the cabinets?
-Your garage is ... well, perhaps that is a future post all on its own ...
- Kids toys have infiltrated your living room.

I will admit that even I, the rocket scientist of a professional organizer, is in need of a Tune-Up in my home (hey, ever heard of the plumber who has leaky pipes in his home?). The hussle and hassles of life happens to us all, and sometimes our homes get out of whack. If you recognized something isn't jiving like it used to, that is a signal that you need to take action.

First, take a deep breath and slowly blow it out (may repeat a few times, if needed)

Now, pick a room and grab the items that are out of place and get them to their home. If the items belong in another room, place them near the door or stairway. Do NOT leave the room. If you are working on your desk paper pile (oh yeah, piles), grab it and get the papers filed or trashed.

Enlist the help of your kids to get their toys picked up. They know where their clothes, as well as yours, are suppose to go too. Get them to help. You should be able to spend 10-15 minutes in each room tweeking it back into shape. If you have more time, fantastic!

You will be surprised how just a little organizing tune up will make your home feel and run better. Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed in big scoops.

What odd thing did you find in a strange spot?

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Waterfall Effect

It all begins with a single drop.
Followed by another ... and another.
Soon all these drops team up and
become stream.

These streams ban together and
soon you have a flowing river.
Fast paced. Strong and churning.

It's movement feels fresh and wild. Unstoppable.

Reaching the edge of a cliff, without hesitation, these single drops leap. Knowing what they accomplished ready for more.

Want to get organized?
Don't have the money, time, motivation?

It all begins with the smallest action like tossing your pens jammed into the cup on your desk (most don't even work well).
Now place 3-4 new pens into the cup. No more fumbling and it looks better.

Perhaps you now can tackle the stack of papers on the right corner of your desk. File what needs to be and toss what you should have months ago. Ready for a break?

If no, keep moving to the next area on your desk, then to the drawers. One by one, your desk is getting organized. Stop? Heck no!

You look at the shelves in your office and wonder,
"why do I have all this stuff?" and begin to pull books, binders, papers and files off each one. You're on a roll!

Hot Damn! Your office is looking pretty darn good. No, it's fabulous!
It just F E E L S so much better and clearer.

Imagine how great your home will feel if you went through each area like this. Choosing one small action to create a waterfall of progress.

Getting organized is not a magical process.
Small accomplishments banned together to create a positive impact in your life.

Look around your home.
Pick your task and GO.
Having trouble where to begin?
Try this technique.

Remember, it takes only one drop
to begin creating a waterfall.
You can do this. I believe in you.

How did your waterfall grow today?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Adventure of Life

“The world is a book
and those who do not travel
read only one page.”
- St. Augustine

My life has been quite rich with travel. The majority of these adventures seems to just come together and it's kinda cool that way. Not really knowing what to expect and taking in the experience as it all unfolds.

Currently I am in Tobermory, Canada on a diving, hiking, biking and golfing adventure.
WOW! Just gorgeous.

There are so many beautiful places in the world. Many are close to your home, may even be right in your backyard.

What adventures do you enjoy in life?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Garage Sale Leftovers

Seems everywhere you go, garage sales are lining the neighborhoods in hopes of getting rid of some stuff and making a bit of money. If you are a "garage sailer" person, there are some good deals to be had. Though please make sure you truly NEED the item and have a spot for it in your home. Try to avoid buying just for the great deal on something because likely down the road that item will end up in your garage sale.

Now if you are about to have a garage sale, set your expectations to have fun with it and meet some interesting new people. Very rarely do you hear about the oodles of money someone made at their garage sale. The goal is usually to purge some items out of your home, making a bit of cash along the way.

From the July edition of the NAPO newsletter, here are some great tips on what to do with the lonely items that no on seemed to need, i.e. your leftovers:

- Take It To Charity: Local thrift stores or charities, or a church,
school, or day care.

- Give It Away: Try Freecycle or place items on the curb in a box
marked "free".

- Sell It: at an online auction site or via internet classified ad.

- Trash It/Recycle It: Let it go, and live happy in your clutter-free home.

Whatever you do, please do not bring your leftovers back into your home!! You have taken the time to sort them out, please think about how great your home FEELS without the added items.

What was your greatest garage sale find?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Make a Difference, Make a Smile

What are you REALLY doing today
to help one person?

Make a stranger smile
for no reason.

What did you do to make someone smile today?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Clutter Diet And No Veggies Required

Both losing weight and getting organized are about making personal change in your habits and lifestyle. Clutter Diet is an organizing program that is modeled after the same successful programs people have used to lose weight.

To be successful both in weight loss and in getting organized you need the following things:
Education—good information, plans and advice
Motivation—tools and encouragement to keep you on track with your goals
Support—a place to get answers and find help

This is a monthly fee program for $14.95/month, though there is an awesome special that your first month is only $4.95! (dang!) Gift certificates are available, too!

Getting organized is an investment in yourself.
I recognized that the cost to hire a professional organizer may not fit into your budget. The ClutterDiet program is a wonderful way to work toward getting organized on your own with help.

The Clutter Diet program includes:
- Access to a team of Professional Organizers via their message board.
- A weekly plan of action to keep your house and life organized in about 2 hours per week.
- E-mail reminder system, customized for your needs. You can remind yourself of birthdays, regular home maintenance, or other tasks/events.
- Access to over 2 hours of video tutorials to help you learn organizing concepts and methods at your own pace.
- Personal tracking of your progress. Each week you can “weigh in” to see how many “Clutter-Pounds” you have lost so far. (love it!)

This is a awesome program to help get yourself and home organized. Hopefully if you are struggling with getting organized, you will take a look and see if this might work for you.

There is a link for this program on the right column of the blog.
It will always be there for you.
Check the Clutter Diet program out and let me know what you think.

If you use it, please keep me posted on your success!

How many "Clutter-Pounds" would you like to lose?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Few Dollars More

The post is dedicated to all single mothers. You always did what was best for your kids. You sacrificed. You stood your ground. You passed out at night from exhaustion. Though the whole journey, you became more beautiful and happier than ever.

To complete the trilogy (part 1, part 2):
I have been patiently waiting since April 2007.

My former is a doctor whose income more than doubled and he believed his child support should not increase ... well, he thought wrong.

See, while he went through medical school and residency, I supported us as an engineer at Ford Motor Company (8 years). I gave up my career shortly after Matthew was born because I refused to sacrifice my family and career.

Now 10 years later, I am quite thankful for my decision to raise my boys. I am also thankful for the financial ability to do so. We have enough to enjoy, living within our means.

Strange how life twists and turns you unexpectedly. You must withstand the rockin' and rolling, hold on tight and take it all in. In the end, be thankful you survived. Ready to encourage and support others.

What's the biggest life twist you've survived?