Friday, April 26, 2013

Yes YOU Can Get Your Garage Organized

Getting your cars parked in your garage may be a dream to you, though now is the time to get your garage organized. Seems everyone is out there, cleaning out from the change of seasons. Getting ready storing away the nasty snowthrower and dusting off the lawnmowers. Beginning the project, for many people, is the toughest part.

You see the piles of stuff and the shelves overflowing with items randomly tossed about for storage. Here's how you can go about organizing a garage:

step #1: Notes - Look at every wall or area and right down notes on items seen, comments made by my client or in your case little thoughts that drift into your head. It's OK to write, "absolute disaster" or "hopeless mess." Just get it down on paper. Doesn't have to be a novel, random notes are perfect.

step #2: Ideas - Envison what your garage would look like. Use your walls for storing as much as possible. Think shelves, racks, hooks, bins, bags, etc. All of these ideas can be attached to the wall, getting your stuff off the floor.

step #3: Plan - Maybe take a bit of a break and let your thoughts simmer. Come back into your garage and plan what you are going to do. Take some measurements for shelving. Remember to use the studs as much as possible, this will keep your stuff on the walls. Studs are typically every 16 inches along the wall length.

step#4: Action - Get your garbage bags ready, boxes for donations and rev up those power tools ... the organizing party is about to begin. Hang up your shelves first, if possible. This gives you space to store the items you use. Items you do NOT use do NOT go on a shelf, trash or donate. Work around your garage and find homes for the things you use. You will be left with stuff that is has no use in your home.

step #5: Clean Up - You will be left with stuff that has no use in your home. Donate or trash it. Get it out of your life. It's OK to part with stuff. Sweep up the floor and pull your car into the garage. Reward yourself for a job well done!

What random thought do you have about your garage?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Farting and Organizing ... it's all good

So, my youngest son walks up to me and says:
"Mom, I think getting organized is like farting."
"Um ... why is that?", as I snicker (oh, you laughed too)
"Because both make you feel good after you do it."
~wise words from a 12.5 year old boy.

With two boys, we live daily on hourly fart jokes.

Getting organized truly does make you feel better.  
You can breathe easier.  
You're less stressed. 
And, you're out enjoying life.  

Find some time, even 5 minutes, each day to focus and become more organized.  Need some guidance on where to start?
Try these past Challenges.

“Don’t take life too seriously.
You’ll never get out alive.”

Bugs Bunny
(note: Since 1940 (73 years),  Bugs never dropped a fart joke)

What made you laugh today?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Being Lazy is Good

You know.
The more organized you are.
The more you can ENJOY being lazy.

Be lazy can be very, very good.
Another fabulous reason to get organized.

Perhaps in addition to being a professional organizer, I am also a productivity specialist in the art of enabling laziness. (just a thought)

How do you enjoy being lazy?