Thursday, November 30, 2006

Office Rescue 911

Life is crazy and busy. A home office, whether an area in the corner of the kitchen or a separate room in the home, is becoming essential. People use a home office for many different functions: paying bills, planning a vacation, reading news, playing games, listening to music, buying Christmas presents, doing homework, running a business, keeping in touch with friends, blogging with strangers (umm....hi there), etc.....

My latest client, "Lisa", wanted some help with her home office. These before pictures show how her office looked at the consult appointment. One of the first things I saw, the computer on top of the desk. Not only does this take up space, but it is noisy. Other things I noticed, she had plenty of great shelves and literature sorters.

When I arrived to start the project, Lisa did do a great job "jump starting" our work by getting some of her desk cleared off and she had garbage bag half full (Excellent!).

The first task was disconnecting the computer and moving it under the desk with the router and all the wires/cables. Then started pulling out all the literature in the sorters and consolidating the current and tossing the old. We moved to the wall of shelves then on to the file cabinets and desktop. "Wow! Throwing stuff away is fun," Lisa stated. Four hours later the after pictures show the change.

I am quite proud of Lisa for throwing away all that she did. She is delighted with her office and loves the room again. I will be following up with Lisa to make sure she keeps up all the work we put into her office.

Lisa, It was my pleasure working with you.

Who are you proud of this week?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Value of My Service

I was working with "Cathy" again this week. I have been helping her sort through her boxes of items she has accumulated in her lifetime.

This BEFORE picture shows one of her three closets we worked on cleaning up.
I worked in 2 hour blocks of time with Cathy and have made 5 visits. Each visit I left her apartment with 1 bag for the trash, 1 bag for donations and 1 bag to be shredded.
(my boys had fun shredding
.....I love child labor!)

This is the closet AFTER our work. Many of her clothes did not fit or were quite worn. I helped Cathy consolidate her travel brochures from across the USA and labeled the boxes. Cathy and I sorted through all the "stuff" on the floor of the closet. In doing so, I made a discovery.....$80,000 in US Savings Bonds! Cathy had no idea these were there. She was beside herself and incredibly thankful for my service.

I have one more visit with Cathy and my work should be done. She is delighted. I am proud of her for letting go of sooooo many things. She will have invested nearly $450 in my services. In the end, she came across $80,0000 in bonds, but more importantly she told me her apartment is "finally feeling like a home."

I feel FANTASTIC for making Cathy feel good about her home.

Cathy, It has been my pleasure helping you.

How valuable is your business to your clients/customers?

Sunday, November 26, 2006


You are stranded on a deserted island. You are alone.

You can only listen to one artist/band's music.


I LOVE MUSIC!!! Classic Rock, Pop, Dance, Classical, Blues, Alternative, Bluegrass, Cajun, Jazz, Latin, Carribean, Soul, Reggae, R&B....ok, not Gospel or Polkas, and not the "twangy" Country. I love concerts. The feeling of live music is spectacular.

One of the best concerts I went to was Lucinda Williams. I went to her show having heard only one song, "Righteously". WOW! What a great show! Fabulous stories behind her songs. Paul Simon's concert at the Toledo Zoo was one of the most fun....Dancing barefoot in the aisle & ending up backstage on the tour buses!

But, if stranded on a desert island.....I pick The EAGLES.
I never change the radio station when The Eagles come on.
Great music and lyrics.
"Dick, It's got a good beat and I can dance to it."

OK, If the title of this blog sounds familiar, it is. Scott Ginsberg,that Nametag Guy, uses this statement in his blogs. Gotta give him some credit.

So, you are on a deserted island....Whose music do you listen to?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Helping those in need

I have not made one cent....nothing....nada....zlich this week.

I did have a consult with Margaret.

Margaret saw my ad in Mature Living News Magazine (no website....I need to talk to them). She said she was "desperate" for help with her home organization.

"It would be my pleasure to help you," I stated.

We set up a date and time. Then she gave me her address. Which then gave me the idea she might not be able to afford my services. When I showed up to her home, I was certain she could not. I did not let that sway my intent to help Margaret.

I met with her for about 45 minutes. Walked through the two floors of her home and gave some suggestions and tips along the way. Chatted with her mom, Mary, for a bit. Even joked around and talked turkey (well, Thanksgiving is next week).

As I left, Margaret was so thankful I took the time to help her with some ideas. Mary smiled and wished me a beautiful day. I felt good.

Now, should I have stated my fees up front? Did I waste my time? Why did I bother with this consult?

I had a very good idea that nothing (no income) was going to come from this consult. I went along with it anyway because I knew I could help this woman. And I did. She was thankful.

Margaret, It truly was my pleasure helping you.

When was the last time you helped someone just because you could?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who are YOU?

I came across an interesting list while at the doctor's office. A self-quiz about yourself. Facts we should know about ourselves but likely do not take the time to know them (does that make sense?).

So I jotted them down.......Here we go:

Items you must know about yourself
1. Allergies
2. Family health history
3. Credit score
4. License plate number (just ran out to check my car)
5. Passport? (we all need passports to leave the U.S. starting Jan 2007)
6. Emergency contact numbers
7. A will....please, just go get one
8. Where is your parent's will? (calling mom and dad after this post)
9. Health insurance details....don't want to be bleeding profusely and wonder what hospital to go to.
10. Vital health stats: Blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels....get a physical, find your target numbers

NEXT....Items that are good to know about yourself
1. Ring size...OK, this is for us ladies. Guys what would you substitute?
2. Your correct tax form
3. Money or items to be inherited
4. Clothing measurements...always good to give and receive clothing that fits
5. Blood, A+

FINALLY....Fun things to know about yourself
1. 3 ways to make you smile when down
2. Strengths and weaknesses
3. Know how to give good directions to your home
4. What time were you born?....hey, everyone needs a precise astrological chart.
5. Names of the trees and bushes in your yard....visitors will think you are clever
6. Your mom's/mother-in-law's/best friend's favorite flower....I like this one.

Take the time and find out some info on yourself. Write these things down. You never know when this stuff could be useful.

I'm buying my mom some flowers tomorrow!

What did you learn about yourself?
Is there a question you would add?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Workin' through the "pain"

Well, I did not let a broken finger slow me down this week. I probably should, but those that know me understand I have to be pinned down to stop living and having fun. I had a few different clients this week, which makes my job so much fun!

I worked more with "Cathy" helping her sort through photo albums, scrapbooks and, yes, more papers.

I helped a woman get some pictures and mirrors hung in her home that she moved into 4 months ago. I guess her husband thought what I did was "cool" because he didn't have to do it....hey, it was my pleasure to help.

Another client was a man whose wife died last winter. I came to help him throw out some old kitchen items. We also sorted through items in his pole barn so he can get a car inside for winter.

This is the BEFORE shot. He has a ton of space just need to get rid of things not used or broken, and find a better spot for the remainder items to use the pole barn for storing his car.

This AFTER picture shows the area cleaned up. Ready for his car to be stored for the winter. The shelving (covered by the brown tarp) is used much for efficiently, with a system so he can find something. finger still hurts a bit every night. My mom still gives me a daily lecture for doing too much. People just laugh when they notice my broken middle finger, so why should I not be out doing what I am doing? I'm having too much fun!!

Is there anything that slows you down in your business?