Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Everyone starts somewhere....

This is "blogging" is going to be great! I like when you come across something and it just feels good. Just makes you smile inside. What a great way to get thoughts out of your head. Maybe someone will read it, maybe not. The idea that this is your little billboard to voice ideas and respond to others.

So how do I open my first blog posting? I am a new business owner, excited about the potential success I will have, and proud of having survived many events that have led me to this point in my life. I say "survived" because that is what I truly have done! Stories of these events will likely come out in the future. I truly believe EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Usually, when you are confronted with a "challenging opportunity" in your life, you wonder if you will survive it and why is this happening. In the end if you can accept the lesson, learn from it and move on with life, it all makes perfect sense.

Welcome to my Blog!! I'm excited to be here and glad you stopped by.

What lesson did you experience? What did you learn from it?