Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chatting with the Future

What a FUN day today!!

I spoke to the Interior Design classes at Bedford High School in Temperance, Michigan. The teacher saw the article about me in the Monroe Evening News and invited me to talk to the students about my business.

WOW! What a great opportunity!

I shared with the classes why and how I do what I do. We went through several of my blog posts discussing the before and after pictures of projects. Talked about having a business and the success I have had to date.

The students were fantastic!

I didn't notice anyone falling asleep and they asked some great questions. (a success from my point of view)

Hopefully, I inspired them in some way.

Thank you Bedford students for allowing to share my business experiences with you, it was truly my pleasure!

Bedford Students: What did you learn today?

Everyone: Have you shared your business with students lately?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Awesome Card

A friend, Jennifer, showed me the greatest card I have seen in some time.

Getting a card in the mail makes me feel so special.

I got my first birthday card yesterday (my birthday is March 5th) and I was so excited.

I LOVE my birthday!!!

It is my own little holiday. I never understood why people don't like their birthday--It is your day, embrace it!

So, I have a crazy idea......I wonder how many birthday cards I can receive this year.

Send them to:
Angie Weid
1485 Stonegate Court
Temperance, MI 48182

I'll let you know how many cards I receive.

How many cards do you think I will get?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Cancer Story

At my Senior Collaborative meeting today, a member did a great presentation from The Victory Center which is a cancer support center. It is amazing to me the services they provide to people who are challenged with cancer. Nothing like this existed 16 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer.

My story:
I was 22 years old, fresh out of college, starting my career at Ford Motor Company. Stopped by a 24hr clinic to get some medicine for a cold I could not shake on my way out for a Friday night (yeah, I was sick but that was no reason for not going out on a Friday night).

The look on the young doctor's face told me something was wrong.

"You have cancer. You need to get to a hospital, now."

WHAT! "Your joking right? I'm going out."
(remember, I was an arrogant, little 22yr old)

"I wish I was. You are quite sick."

WHOA.....I grabbed the xray and went home.

2 weeks later, Hodgkin's Disease--stage 4.
Six months of chemo, ABVD (it was suppose to be one year).
My hair got thin and I NEVER allowed myself to throw up.

Complete remission.

I don't know why I am writing about this. I am having all these little flashes of images from 16yrs ago. But they are more than images. I can hear the sounds, smell the chemo room, feel the aches of treatments, remember the weakness from it all.

I also remember the strength I conjured up, my will to live that grew, the appreciation for life I learned and the certainty I truly believed I would survive.

The Victory Center in Toledo, Ohio has some amazing programs for cancer patients, survivors and their families. I encourage you to check out all they have to offer and support their fundraisers.

We are quite fortunate to have such a great resource in our area.

Thank you for reading my story.

"Peace Baby"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Seger is BACK!!!

I am so PUMPED!!!

The show in December was great. I have wished Mr. Seger to return, and he has listened to my thoughts (thank you sir).

Smaller venue, Cobo Arena.
Better seats, lower level A!!!
Confidence knowing this show will be AWESOME!!!!

23 days until showtime....Aaahh!! I can't wait!!

Now, to find someone to go to the show with me
....I have an extra ticket.

What was the last thing you were so excited about
you could hardly stand it?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Optimizing Space

Perhaps the Black Hole post and my AAE degree (Yes, I am a Rocket Scientist) have put me a little "Spacey" mood.

Space is important.

Too much space, can feel lonely.
Cramped space, can feel overwhelming.
Without space, we would bump into stuff.
When you free up space....
Ahhh, refreshing!

No, I did not use this book for reference in my latest project.
It came up on a Google images search and it just made me laugh.

Memories of linear vector analysis of space methods including optimization theory. It just hit me.....WOW!! I have REALLY studied how to optimize space. Perhaps not intended to be used in Home Organization, none the less studied.

Big lead in (thank you for your patience)....Finally the project.

Here is the supply closet for Debby, BEFORE I optimized the space. The closet was not over stuffed with supplies and literature; however, shelves were sagging and the space was not used efficently, so a redesign was needed.

Here's the AFTER:

Five big 16 inch deep adjustable shelves
A new 3 drawer storage for those little things
Two hooks on the wall for hanging stuff
Most important....plenty of room to spare

Hey, another fun and successful project.

Debby, it has been my pleasure optimizing your space.

Now....If I could just remember the global theory of constrained optimization.

What education topic in your past have you found some obscure link to what you are doing today?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Water

One Friday at 5:10pm, trying to get my two boys into the car so I can get them to the "drop and flop" (my nickname for the halfway meeting location) for their weekend with their dad. As we are rushing out the door, Jacob knocks over a full glass of water.

Water goes EVERYWHERE!
Jacob's face bursts into tears.
Matthew has this look of terror on his face
("Oh man, mom is going to FREAK!").

My reaction:
"WOW! You know, I needed to clean the floor and you just helped me out. It is OK. Let's clean this up together."

I cannot tell you the joy that came over Jacob's face.

It would have been quite easy for me to "FREAK" and point out how we were going to be even more late. It was so much better for us all to just stop, each grab a towel, wipe up the floor and leave the house happy.....not to mention our floor was a bit cleaner.

Next time something out of control happens, think about the choice you have in your reaction.

Does your reaction help the situation you are in?
You have a split moment to choose a positive outcome.

How has your positive reaction changed the outcome of a bad situation?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Making Snow Angels

We are all snowed in around SE Michigan and NW Ohio.
So, let's work on our positive attitudes.

After a recent 1-on-1 with Merri Bame, owner of Breaking Down Barriers, Toledo's Communication Coach, she forwarded to me a list. After reading the list I thought-- WOW! Seeing this just encourages to me to continue to do what I do and reinforces in my mind that I am "on track" in my life. Then placed this list next to my Vision Board. And now, I share it with you.

Ways To Make A Positive Difference

1. Encourage and support anyone doing heroic work

2. Find a mentor to challenge you to grow

3. Begin a personal development plan

4. Join a community of like-minded individuals

5. Learn the roots of your values and higher purpose

6. Develop enough leadership and influence to help move an organization forward - or - learn about free enterprise and start a business

7. Accept the responsibility of teaching everyone you can to do the above.


School was cancelled today (probably tomorrow, too).
Clients and appointments were rescheduled.

Tomorrow I was going to win (well, in my mind) the 50/50 at the WEN's AM Coffee Club then onto speak at the Maumee Senior Center, ending with two consult appointments. All this may likely be postponed due to the weather....and that is OK.

I spent the day today playing Imaginext with my boys, banging on my drumset, making snow angels and doing somersaults in the snow (When was the last time you did a somersault?). Bring the snow on! I know I am making a positive difference in my life and my boys. And it is a FANTASTIC feeling!!!

Thank you Merri for this great list of Positive Ideas. They are perfect.

So, How did you enjoy this snow day?

Friday, February 09, 2007

That Energy Blackhole

It's that one area of your home that just seems to suck the happiness out of you.

You know where it is.
You try not to look at it.
You believe that it will
go away on its own.

.....It doesn't, in fact it may even begin to grow.

This was the "Energy Blackhole" for Debra.

Her home is full of creativity with handpainted walls, floorboards and pictures everywhere. However, Debra's office was bringing her down. I worked with her to get her desktop area under control, then she had me come back for.....(bum, bum, bahm)

....the supply closet.

I could feel the area brighten as I started boxing up old business literature and binders from conferences long past. Supplies were found hidden behind bags and under books. A small pile of items were left for her to sort through...hopefully, "toss."

I was a bit nervous leaving Debra's home. I felt wonderful about her office, but wasn't sure how she would like it.

This morning Debra called me: "I LOVE IT!"

She feels energized when she goes into her office. Her son made a comment...yes, I said her son...that he was amazed at the difference in how the room felt.

Debra, it was my pleasure helping you conquer your energy drain.

Now, What area of your home is sucking the life out of you?

Get a garbage bag and fill it up....YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pretty Pantry

What a week!

Started off the week with a really, bad toothache.

It kinda HAD to get better from that point.

It did.

I helped a great client and friend, Kim, with her pantry. From this BEFORE picture, you can see the set-up. Not too bad, but it was not working for Kim. She had sheets of wood and laminate flooring to keep the pantry items from falling over on the current shelves.

She wanted solid shelving. When Kim set up the appointment for the old to be taken down and new installed, she did not want the pantry painted. The day of the installation, she had changed her mind.


I tore out the old shelving, patched up the holes, painted with some extra purple paint Kim had, and installed the new shelves.

All ready for her to re-stock her pantry in about 3 hours. She may add some extra shelves or baskets later.

The project came out Awesome! Kim was delighted!!

Happy clients....make me happy.....and off to my root canal I went.

Hey, I got to use some power tools...."Always a great day when power tools are involved!"

What was one of your fun projects this week?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Change is Good

A fun project I had recently was getting a Children's playroom organized.

That room or area that you can say to the kids, "Go into the _______ and play." This could be a basement, extra bedroom, livingroom....geez, maybe a closet if the kids are driving you nuts. Being a single mom and I adore my boys, but they do drive me nuts with their energy when all I want to do is take a bath....by myself.

So, back to "Sara's" playroom. Here is the before picture. Sara admitted there were too many toys and it was the room that everything was thrown in for a quick house clean up.

We started with sorting out the floor and boxing toys to be donated. Moved onto cleaning out the baskets on the shelves, and getting toys, books & craft items put away.

I suggested to Sara moving some of the furniture around in the playroom. When you move furniture around in a room, it triggers something in your mind. Kids are creative creatures, so this will make the room feel totally new and exciting to them.

Sara it was my pleasure helping you tackle your playroom. I hope your girls enjoy it.

When you are feeling "ho hum" about your home, move something. Rearrange the furniture. Change the arrangement of pictures on a table. Switch plants in the corners of your home (mine are all plastic, I kill the live ones). Even the smallest change will make that room feel better.

What are you going to move around in your home?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Midas Touch

I have blogged it before 2007 ROCKS!!!

My very dear friend, Joani Donovan, (Vision group partner and new blogger) gave me a goal to achieve paid speaking engagements within two years.......Well, My first paid speaking engagement is on March 21, 2007 at the Flat Rock Community Center in Michigan. I will be talking about "Springing into Organization." I am quite excited about this opportunity. Joani, thank you for challenging me.

Just over one year in re-launching Organized Solutions, I made a profit last month. YEAH!! Thank you to the Women's Entreprenurial Network, Certified Networker Program and BNI. Let me not forget the amazing friendships I now have from these groups, these I treasure more than any profits.

My boys and I are happy, healthy and having fun. My life is proof that if you have goals and put them in your face everyday......
you must succeed.

(quick Survivor update: Keep all your postive thoughts flowing....I have not heard when I will be traveling to Chicago for my personal audition. If you know Chrys Petersen at WTOL, CBS Toledo, tell her about me!)