Sunday, January 21, 2007

CBS Survivor

I do not watch TV that much.

LOST, CSI and Survivor. That is about it. Every now and then I watch Comedy Central. (South Park and Carlos Mencia--"De de de", Hilarious!!)

I must admit to being a Survivor "Junkie." My application is complete and the video transferred to VHS (CBS--why still VHS??), ready to be sent. My video is not overproduced. Yeah I screwed up some lines, even banged my head into a wall....Hey, this is me.

I will be in Chicago around March, then LA April/May, then off to a "remote location" for 7 weeks June-August. Speaking engagements can be scheduled around December 2007. (Hey if you can't imagine the outcome, why play the game!)

Thank you to:
Rebecca Booth, Imagine That! for Brainstorming ideas with me.
Monnie Holman, DP Design and Print, for being my "camera chick."
My mom for being incredibly supportive & watching my boys.....I will get you to Hawaii!!

Anyone want to attend my BNI and Senior Collaborative meetings this summer?


Monnie Holman said...

You go girl! I'm so proud of you and your passion for life. A real example of living life to it's fullest. Can't wait to see you on Survivor this Fall. I'm with you all the way, baby! Your friend, Mon.

Debby said...

Look out world -- Angie will have us talkin'. I can't wait to see her take on some macho guy in whatever spot Survivor lands her.

Gabe S. said...

hey angie, its gabe anyway u area adventurous! and good luck with getting in to the show! (though not that ull need it, as u always have a solution for getting everything done). wonder where u got those team building skills? *wink* or maybe the ability to deal with men? jk again GOOD LUCK and i hope ur doing well! :-)

Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

You are soooo awesome! I've always thought it, but now there's proof. I AM a TV freak, but have not watched Survivor much, until now. There's something wrong with this world if you're not chosen - should that happen, I'll continue to be a Survivor non-fan.

Anonymous said...

Dude..if you get on you have to let me know so I actually watch the show!

You are definately a crazy chica!

Good luck!

If they don't pick you, we'll have to go kick some ass!

Anonymous said...

Angie, I'm still on the floor laughing. Oh girl how I relate to the "I married a guy named Nimrod" part. Let's hope all the guys on Survivor are nimrods, cause you'll kick a**. You go girl!!!!

Angie Weid said...

Thank you all for your calls and comments of support! My application was received at CBS today. Oooh hoo!!

But I must clarify a part of the video. I did indeed marry a guy named "Nimrod." Yes, his name is really Nimrod. I have proof, if needed.

Barbara Mullholand said...

Hi Angie,
I know we only met this past year thru CN, however, you are at the top of my list of favorite CN'ers. I must confess that the only TV that I watch on any kind of regular basis is HGTV or Travel Channel. So unless you make it onto one of those channels I guess I wouldn't be seeing you. Oh by the way, do you know Sandy from "Sandy's Stuff"?...... (sorry, inside joke)
I'm behind you all the way, wayyyyy behind you.
Barbara Mullholand
USANA Health Sciences

Anonymous said...

Hey, Angie! I have "grippy toes" too! You are so awesome. I WILL watch Survivor IF you are chosen, so they'd better want to increase their ratings!

Louise Kahle said...

Hey Angie,
I really enjoyed lunch with you today! Debby helped me get a blog started, too. Check it out - www.louise@take-the-time/
I clicked on the spot to send you an email so I could look at your audition and nothing happened. I'd like to see it!

SOUL said...

wait a minute.. was this for the china one that's on right now? i think i'm confused. fill me in. i'm slow.
thanks for stoppin by my place.
take care.

Angie Weid said...

Soul: Yep, this is for the China season. Know anyone at CBS?? I would be incredibly entertaining.