Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happiness...I got it!

So many people have asked me lately:

"Are you always happy"
"How do you stay postive?"
"Do you always have fun?"

There is no Happy Pill. I am ME.

My life has been....challenging? Not that no one life is not. Life is tough and, at times, it pretty much sucks! But I have taught myself to turn my thoughts and actions to the positive.

I started the process one late night in October listening to Mr. Nightingale's, "The Strangest Secret." (I downloaded it from Limewire) The cd is always in my car and I listen to it every week.

Then I visited a Landmark Education preview. Very powerful to be in room with so much positive people and energy without judgement. That night gave me validation that what I was doing was correct. (I have not completed the Landmark Forum, yet).

Finally, I have a Vision Group and we watched "The Secret" which sealed the deal for me. In the past I played life like a chess game, always planning 4-5 moves ahead.

Now, I focus on the moment at hand making that moment the best possible. Do I have moments of stress, drama and "I want to stand up and scream!" ? OH YEAH, but not very often anymore.

But I let myself have a moment--just a moment. I will call a friend, ask my boys to give me the biggest hug they can (amazing how good that always feels) and I have driven down a road screaming at the TOP OF MY LUNGS!! (no one can hear you inside your car at 50+mph). When I allow myself to have a moment, it gives me the opportunity to vent my feelings. Once I vent, that's it. Done. I don't dwell or analyze, just regroup and move on to bigger and better.

That is what is working for me. I love my life. Yes, I am happy and always having fun! I giggle when I fall asleep at night and I wake up before my alarm clock ready to go in the morning.

I am successful because I am doing what I love to do and having so much fun!

Life is crazy......Why not enjoy it?

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