Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What do I do with this stuff?

A friend of mine from DP Design and Print referred a very good client of hers, "Mike," to me. She felt my business would be a perfect fit for his needs. (Networking is so cool!)

Mike's mom recently passed away and he was looking for some help in dealing with his mother's home and her belongings. He has it for sale and needed to get all the "little" stuff out. Most of it was too good to throw out. Mike and I walked through the home to show me what he wanted done. I then came back and started the process of recording all the items I was removing from the home, taking pictures, boxing everything up and transporting it to
the local Salvation Army.

The process can be a bit time consuming recording everything then packing it all up. Mike wanted an itemized account for his mother's estate, and I was happy to help him. It took nearly 6 hours with two trips to the Salvation Army and typing up the list of belongings donated.

Mike was quite pleased with the job I had completed. He was surprised I included pictures.

If you are going to donate any amount of non-cash items to a charity, it is a good idea to have a "snap-shot."
Especially if it is as much as he had! (this is only one of five pictures)

It was my pleasure to help Mike with his mother's belongings. It was also my pleasure to help my friend at DP Design and Print in completing the networking circle.

How has networking helped you and your business?

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