Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organizing your closet, No More Waterfalls!

You've been out have a fantastic day.

As you get home, you just want to jump into your jammies, enjoy your favorite beverage and watch some TV.

Though as you open up your closet to hang your jacket ...

Stuff comes tumbling out on top of you!

Well, check out this latest video for a great organizing tip on optimizing your closets:

What item has tumbled out on you?

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Getting Organized! (coupon ... hooray!)

For 2 months we worked and worked with Groupon to get an awesome deal out there to help you get organized.

Alas, the efforts failed and the Groupon offer never came to be.

In the mighty words of Underdog:
  "Have no fear ..." 
we will go forward with the offer.

2 hours of Professional Organizing services for the price of 1 
Value: $130
Discount:  50% savings to you, our loyal fans and friends
You save: $65
Offer available until April 1, 2011

The fine print:
- 2 for 1 deal must be used by August 31, 2011
- Limit 1 per household, though purchasing for others is always a good thing.
- Materials, supplies and travel fee (if necessary) are not included.
- Cannot be combined with other offers.
- Appointment is necessary

How do you get this amazing offer to get your sexy butt organized?
1. Use the Google checkout located on the right column of this blog and enter the coupon code, "I'mgettingorganized!" (yes, you can use your credit card)
2. Contact me email or phone, 734.890.1276, and tell me
  "That's it!  I'm getting organized!"
3. Find me on the street, walk right up to me and ask.

Please share this with all your friends and family to spread the word.

This offer is only available until 5pm Friday, April 1st.

So do not wait!!

What area are you FINALLY looking to get organized?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vision Board 2011


My vision board for 2011 is done and hanging on a door in my bathroom. Not sure why it has taken nearly 3 months to get this done, but it's all good:

I've been creating a yearly vision board for 5 years now.

It's pretty awesome to look back on the previous year and see all that has come to be.

This year I have some pretty cool intentions.  Cannot wait to be apart of the adventure ahead!


So far 2011 has been pretty rockin!

What is your vision for the year?

Time to Organize Your Garage

Getting your cars parked in your garage may be a dream to you, though now is the time to get your garage organized. Seems everyone is out there, cleaning out from the change of seasons. Getting ready storing away the nasty snowthrower and dusting off the lawnmowers. Beginning the project, for many people, is the toughest part.

You see the piles of stuff and the shelves overflowing with items randomly tossed about for storage. Here's how you can go about organizing a garage:

step #1: Notes - Look at every wall or area and right down notes on items seen, comments made by my client or in your case little thoughts that drift into your head. It's OK to write, "absolute disaster" or "hopeless mess." Just get it down on paper. Doesn't have to be a novel, random notes are perfect.

step #2: Ideas - Envison what your garage would look like. Use your walls for storing as much as possible. Think shelves, racks, hooks, bins, bags, etc. All of these ideas can be attached to the wall, getting your stuff off the floor.

step #3: Plan - Maybe take a bit of a break and let your thoughts simmer. Come back into your garage and plan what you are going to do. Take some measurements for shelving. Remember to use the studs as much as possible, this will keep your stuff on the walls. Studs are typically every 16 inches along the wall length.

step#4: Action - Get your garbage bags ready, boxes for donations and rev up those power tools ... the organizing party is about to begin. Hang up your shelves first, if possible. This gives you space to store the items you use. Items you do NOT use do NOT go on a shelf, trash or donate. Work around your garage and find homes for the things you use. You will be left with stuff that is has no use in your home.

step #5: Clean Up - You will be left with stuff that has no use in your home. Donate or trash it. Get it out of your life. It's OK to part with stuff. Sweep up the floor and pull your car into the garage. Reward yourself for a job well done!

What random thought do you have about your garage?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Organizing Your Office Desktop

Well, even professional organizers need some help getting organized from time to time.

Here we take a peek at an office where the owner is about to do a complete "Arm Sweep," clearing all items from the desktop in one swoop:

If Hong Kong Phooey is the #1 Super Guy ... who is #2?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slow down and Breathe ...

In through the nose
... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose
... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ...... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

In through the nose ....... Out through the mouth.

It's been one of those weeks for me, too.

Do you feel better?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clearing Clutter in your Kitchen Drawers

Do you have a bouquet of spatulas and other items that are over 5 years old, still in their packaging, lingering in your kitchen tools?

Perhaps it is time to let some of those items go.

Check out another organizing tip from Your Rocket Organizer on FOX Toledo news:

Now that you can easily get into your kitchen tools quick without slicing your fingers on your potato peeler, make sure you get outside and enjoy the day!

It's beautiful and so are you!

How many spatulas do you have?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Break Packing Tip from Your Rocket Organizer

OK, I'm playing catch-up on getting the FOX Toledo Rocket Organzing videos posted.
Not giving out any excuses. My fault for the delay.

In this video, we are offering a great organizing tip for your Spring Break trip and a great way to save $25-35 or more each way on your airfare:

FOX has been so incredibly kind to put together a webpage with all these organizing videos (click here).

I will continue to post the videos as quickly as possible here, too!

What is your "MUST HAVE" for travelling?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Arrg ... It's a Treasure Hunt Matey!

Beautiful sunny days.
Warm solid hugs.
Laughter of kids playing outside.

Those a a few things that pop into my head that make me feel good. I've been playing a little game lately by myself using everyone that I come across during the day. From the moment I wake up in the morning with my boys, to the person pumping gas across from me, onto the guy in the car that cut me off, and the lady I held the door for as she entered a store.

The game is simple.

1.As you come across people during the day, acknowledge at least one positive quality that they brought to you.
2. The object is to find that quality that you find attractive.
3. As soon as you identify it, write it down.

Examples from my list:
Made me laugh
Said "thank you"
New client excited about working with me
Helped me make a connection
Taught me patience
Cooked a great meal
Beautiful eyes

This "game" will result in a list of qualities you treasure.
Treasures you desire in your life and business.
These traits are perfect for you to have and attract.
You are limited by only how much treasure you can amass.

As you acknowledge more and more positive treasures in your daily life, the negative events become smaller and smaller. Until they become simply a minor bumps in the road and perhaps create a moment for you to enjoy the little bumpy ride in life.

Spend a day on your personal treasure hunt.
What qualities did you find for yourself?