Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Gift of Organizing Magic

Finding a fun, creative and appreciative gift this holiday season can be quite challenging.  With the craziness of life, many times just a little bit of extra help to ease the stress and strain of an overwhelmed world is amazingly refreshing.

An Organized Solutions gift certificate may be that perfect fit for your favorite loved one who has been dreaming of getting organized. Paypal is a fantastic feature and we are very excited to offer this element to you (See below or the top right side bar on this blog.)  Bonus:  You can use your any of your favorite credit cards, too.

Organizing Magic Holiday Special
If you are thinking of purchasing a gift certificate, I encourage you to contact me to make sure your gift will be happily received. Nothing worse than getting a gift like that ugly sweater your Aunt Bonnie gave you when you were 16 year old.

After all, we all give with best intentions, though making sure your gift is perfect is priceless.

What was the best gift you ever received?

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oooh ... Organizing Magic ... Ahhh ...


We all have them. Many times STUFFED to the brim with pencils, screws, papers, power cords and other odds & ends. If you have your drawers organized, bonus to you.

In this video from Rocket Organizing, we take a look at an organizing magic trick to keep your drawers organized and in check:

What is your favorite drawer in your home?