Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kick Starting Your Home's Energy Flow

We are in the middle of winter here in the USA and perhaps you are getting there's a bit of cabin fever going around in your home. You have been trapped inside your home unable to enjoy the beautiful sunny skies and soft green grass, because ... well, there isn't any, yet.

This is a great time to purge! Your tired and could use some new positive energy flowing through your home. You can apply this task to any drawer, shelf, cabinet, closet or room (if you are truly motivated).

Now there are many different ways to purge. This is my favorite method because you end up with only your favorites.

Angie's Favorite Purge Method (for lack of a better title):
1. Choose your area to purge. Not too big that you cannot complete it.
2. Pull EVERYTHING out of the area. I mean everything comes off the shelves and out of the drawers.
3. Sort the items as you remove them. If there are trashed items, bag them up as you sort. Things that don't belong there, set them to one side (don't leave this area).
4. Clean the area with your favorite method.
5. Look at your pile of stuff and begin pulling out your favorite items.
6. Return your favorite items first to the freshly cleaned area.
7. When this area looks good and adding another items will begin to be cramped, STOP!
8. The items left over need to find a new home. Likely this will be out of your home.
9. Take out the trash to the curb and load up the donations into your car.
10. Smile and enjoy the new energy flowing in your home.

Repeat as necessary for the next area.

Now, it is very likely you will come across items that are not your favorite, do not fit into your newly organized area, BUT it was a gift from your mom/sister/friend/husband/kids. You enjoyed it at one point in your life, though not anymore. Maybe you never truly liked it to begin with.

If it doesn't make into your favorite list, then time has come to part with it. You'll feel better getting it out of your home. I promise.

... And if it helps you, please just say, "Well, Angie said I had to get rid of [blank]." I can take the rap for you.

What did you purge from your home that has time has passed?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monkeys, Butts and Glasses

Sometimes when I hear things I MUST share.
A friend and I were chatting about our kids and school when she said this:

"And that's why they don't
make glasses for your butt."

I just cracked up at how true her saying really is.
Hindsight is always 20/20. Looking back at all the struggles in life, once I have found out the whole story to the situation - WHAM! - it all makes perfect sense. Everything then becomes understandable and resolution is crystal clear.

What is your favorite friend quote?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

30 Years of Paper

The "Miller" family struggled for years with their father's need to save paper. Not just utility bills and bank statments, He pretty much collected all papers he came across. Beside themselves with frustration, the Millers recognized they needed help.

Prior to seeing the areas in need, we sat down at the dining room table for a chat. As the daughter introduced me to Mr. Miller, you could sense the resentment in him.

"Before we get going, what would you like to know about me?" I asked Mr. Miller.

He proceeded to proudly tell me about his work he used to do. It was pretty cool listening to Mr. Miller go on about his career working in the automotive industry.

"Well, that's where I came from and what I've done," he stated firmly. "So, what creditials do you have to work with me?"

Imagine his surprise when I told him I, too, once worked in the auto industry as an engineer (little smirk on his face, big grin on his daughter's). After a bit more chatting about college, design projects and how things have changed, we were ready to see the project at hand.

Mr. Miller did like his paper. He and I sat down and began sorting through the bags and boxes one by one. Mr. Miller left me to do most of the sorting, while he continued to tell me about stories about his career. About an hour or so, he stated he trusted my judgement and it looked like I could handle this on my own. Mr. Miller then headed downstairs for lunch.

The floor and bed was cleared up in one day, then I came back and finished the second bed and the papers underneath each one. Mr. Miller kinda chuckled thinking I would not look under them. Ended up finding about $700 or so in cash. We chatted a bit about taking a week off to see how things go before moving on to the next area.

When I returned, Mrs. Miller had moved some bags and boxes of papers into the bedroom for me to sort through. Guess, Mr. Miller was moving these bags and boxes to other areas of the home. Most of these items were old maps and pamplets which made sorting go quite quick.

The onto a closet to work on clearing the floor and file cabinet. This area cleared up pretty quickly too.

Time to load up my vehicle. As I worked I sorted into three areas: Shred, Recycle and Trash. Everything was taken from home - trash included. So far, there has been three loads like this removed from Mr. Miller's home.

The majority of papers were dropped off at a local school for their recycling fundraiser (not my boy's school which does not have this program). This dumpster was pretty much filled after my third deposit.

Mr. Miller is not overly excited about removing all the papers, though he does admit it feels and looks much better. Most importantly he says his wife is happier, so that makes him feel good.

I'm hoping that PaperRetriever comes and picks up the load before I return next week or I'll be looking for a new paper recycling dumpster.

What personal connection have you made with an elder?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Someone Buy Gladys A Drink!

This is TOO funny not share.

From the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

So many great lines in this clip.

Which Gladys quote is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heavy Stuff on Bottom, Lighter Stuff on Top

Grocery bagger was my dream job when I was 10 years old. When we went grocery shopping, I was in awe at the bagger's ability to get so many items into a bag and the bananas did not get smashed by the can goods. Perhaps my organization skills were just beginning to blossom.

As I got older, the grocery stores went to a split bagging area at checkout eliminating "professional baggers." The intention was to speed up the line by having one customer bagging their paid groceries while ringing up another customer. Well, I was in heaven because I got to bag (hey, I always said it doesn't take much to please me).

Today, we are back to baggers at most grocery stores, though we now have these plastic bags. Watching my bagger do her 'magic' on my groceries I noticed: Baggers today have no idea how to pack groceries. I almost would rather bag my groceries myself so I don't end up with 15 plastic bags with 1-2 items in each one. It's ridiculous.

Paper or plastic bags, does not matter. I could save grocery stores millions (well, maybe not millions) of dollars by teaching a course on Bagging 101. Personally, I prefer paper because you can load it up, the groceries don't fall out all over your car, they are more enviromentally friendlier and they make great costumes.

When I get to my car, I am consolidating my bags into each other so when I get home I don't have to carry in so many bags. Typically I could have walked out of the grocery store with about half the number of bags used. Think about if we are all doing something similar.
** WARNING Math Problem **

Say you use 4 plastic bags less each time you shop. There are 4 lines open at your favorite grocery store. Every 5 minutes a new customer checks out (12 customers/hour in each line). Say your grocery store is open 12 hours each day, 363 days in a year.

4 bags x 4 lines x 12 customers/hr x 12 hours x 363 days/year x 10 cents/bag =
$83,635/yr savings
... and this is just for one grocery store.
There are over 115,000 supermarket/major grocery stores in the USA.

Oh my, perhaps this is the solution to the worldwide financial crisis.

What was your dream job as a kid?

Monday, January 12, 2009


The beauty of my job is helping people everyday. Sometimes though the help I need to provide is sad.

Back in September I moved a wonderful woman, "Alice," from her condo into an assisted living facility. We worked for 3 days preparing her belongings for the move and sorting out items that had just lost their purpose in her life for donation.
From moving to unpacking and finding her toothbrush, Alice was never alone. She was excited to be in a new community with many people to socialize with her.

Unfortunately, Alice's health has deteriorated due to a rapid progression of dementia and she has moved to a higher skilled facility. Having no family in the area, I was asked to 'unmove' her out of her apartment.

It is sad for me to go through this woman's belongings. Such a vibrant, happy, go-getter kinda chick quickly changes and regresses. My grandmother had dementia and this stirs memories of her.

Alice's personal items were boxed up for a distant relative to handle. Her clothes were sorted for items to be sent to her new home and labelled. The remainder of clothing and household items will be donated.

Please keep a watchful eye on your aging family and friends. Life is a tricky little bugger and so very precious. Take a brief moment to meet with your loved ones and make sure they are doing well. Tell them how you feel and listen to their thoughts.

Yeah they may be driving you up the wall with their rants and raves. Be thankful they know who you are.

Who do you need to listen to?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Heavy Metal Health

There are a few big projects in the works.
So, until those are completed how about our first quiz of 2009.

This is going to be a ROCKIN' good year.
"Bang your heads...." (little Quiet Riot reference for all us 80's rockers)
... yes, I owned this album on cassette.

You Are Copper

You are provocative and challenging.
You help people realize who they really are.
You live a very balanced life.
You always take time for love and art.
You are both a powerful and generous person.
You always have time to give back.
People find you to be incredibly ethical and loyal.

These little quizzes always seems to catch my personality pretty good.

What music did you own on cassette?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Facing Your Fear

Needles have always freaked me out.
I have no recollection of having a bad incident as a child. Though as I got older, the fear became worse. You'd think when I went through chemo treatment 17 years ago, I would have gotten used to them. When I must have a blood test done, I always mention to the nurse to remind me to breathe so I don't pass out.

I decided this past week that I was going to face this fear. No longer will I allow is to effect me this way. To do this, I am going to donate blood.

After all, I received 2 transfusions during treatment and seems only right to start giving some back. It's been long overdue!

Well, today I found out that I can't donate.
I am really bummed!
Since I had Hodgkin's Disease, I am not eligible to donate.

I don't let the word can't be used in our house, so to be told this is a bit unsettling. I will come up with a way to help out the Red Cross for what they did for me years ago, as well as, overcome this needle things I've got going on.

What fear have you overcome?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's Not Everyday You Get To Bury A Body

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. One thing I love about my business, is that you never know what the day will bring.

"Bill" calls up and says he needs my help with "a few things." Well, these kinda of calls are great because 'a few things' can mean so much:
... moving into a new home.
... painting a room.
... setting up a Facebook profile.
... bringing chips to a party.
... burying a body (that's a true friend).

When Bill explained he had purchased a few items at IKEA and needed them installed, I was a bit relieved that I was not going to need to bring a shovel for his project.

First went to work assembling a small table and installing an LCD TV mount. Both of these went really quick once the height was decided for the TV. (Yeah, a power tool day!)

Then moved onto installing a couple magnetic boards, notepad strips and long shelves. This took a bit of patience to make sure everything lined up and installed level. Finally assembled a small shelving unit and a couple chairs.

There is going to be a long desk that will go in this corner, though that item was not in-stock at the time of purchase.

Bill's few things were now complete. He was glad to check these items off his honey-do list. I was glad I could help him out and no bodies needed to be buried.

What's the strangest thing you were asked to help with?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Is Feeling Mighty Fine!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all in Blogland!!

I am ready to get this party started for the year. Just feels good!

2008 was a successful and positive year for me in many ways of life and business. I am truly thankful.

Looking forward to all that is ahead for 2009:
- Turning 40 yrs old
- College roommate trip
- Growing Organized Solutions
- Fun times with my boys
- More and more scuba diving

... and, oh, so much more ...

Kicked off the year in my "Funky Pants."
So the tone of the year has been set.

Life is too short to miss out on the fun!

What are you looking forward to in 2009?