Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank You Oakland County FOC

My former filed me in contempt for essentially signing Jacob up to play soccer this Spring (as he did in the Fall). Again I was not found in contempt of court. I am still happily stunned by this decision and have waited to say anything until I received the paperwork showing this to be true.

Thank you Oakland County Friend of the Court!!

The work you do is difficult, "ugly" and thankless so very often. As frustrating as the system can be, I commend you for the service you provide.

I'm sure my boys would thank you too if they knew what had happened (I kept them oblivious to this drama). Jacob just wants to play soccer and Matthew enjoys scouting. Thank you for allowing them to continue.

Who do you want to thank for their difficult job?


SOUL said...

meoooowwwwww babay ! and a high five too

you done good--- and with class.

you rock!
happy humpday

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that man. Can I beat him senseless when I'm back in MI? Oh wait...he doesn't have any to begin with....well...maybe I could knock some into him!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the court as well for FINALLY seeing through Nimrod's antics. Stay strong girl, you ROCK!! Congrats to you to for diving cert. Now your adventures will go deeper.