Monday, June 23, 2008

One Dirty Job Helping to Release the Past (part 1)

Kinda felt a little bit like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on a recent project.

With the housing market as it is, purchasing a home for real estate investment is probably never been better. Homes are sold for bargin prices, add a bit of remodeling and you've got yourself a nice investment. You can sell it for a profit, or rent the home for continued income over time.

But ... the first thing that you need to do is clean it out of the stuff left behind from the previous owner. This is the continuing story of "Tammy" who hired me to clean out a home she recently purchased for investment.

Here are the before and after pictures from the attic:

These areas were covered by paneling innocently leaning against what was thought to be walls:

During this project, I was very respectful of these belongings. They had served their useful purpose decades ago and I sensed something everytime I entered the attic. Most items were placed into the dumpster, though there were a few things placed curbside to be collected and used by others.

Tammy's attic is all cleaned and swept out. Lots of extra wood was found which she can use to refurbish the home to match the trim.

As I write about this project, I get an odd feeling, though I know the work I did was appreciated by more than just Tammy.

Have you ever experienced poltergeists?


Anonymous said...

Spirits, yes. I have. I know I may sound crazy, but oh well. I used to see ghosts a lot too, it was a weird feeling while growing up.

Angie Weid said...

Stevie - I'm right there with you. Can't say I have ever seen ghosts, but I have definitely felt the energy of their presence.