Monday, June 30, 2008

Gone Fishing!

I'm outta here!

Off to the UP of Michigan.
"Mom, It's like we're on another planet!"
We'll be spending time at my Dad's place on a lake.
Cell phones do not work.
Internet service? ... Yeah, Right.

Just some good 'ol fashion R&R with my boys
....Oh, and we will be catching a fish or two.

Here's the beast we caught 3 yrs ago.
Matthew and Jacob were so proud and excited.

What's your summer vacation plans?
(Winter vacation plans for those southern hemisphere fans)


Anonymous said...

My only vacation plans are to go back to MI (yuck) for a week and a half or so at the end of July/early August to visit family and friends one last time before baby comes.

(There might be a family get'll keep you posted!)

SOUL said...

can't wait for pics!
hope you have a blast!