Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OMG ... Look At What I'm Wearing

These videos were found in one of my dresser drawers. They must have gotten tossed in there during my move in ... um ... Nov 2005.
I know, Ms. Organizer here has stuff squirreled away too.

Anyway, the videos are from my product design engineering days at Ford Motor Company.

Video #1: 1997 - Integrated Spare Tire Storage System
I had to design a spare tire stor.....oh, just watch the video. Laugh at the clothes I have on (I was told to wear something plain, ugh).
I did get a US Patent issued.

Video #2: 1998 - One Piece Blow Molded Bumper System
This was a sweet project! We ended up submitting it for the Henry Ford Technology Award (the holy grails of engineering awards). Two more US Patents issued for this project. We made it to the finals. Alas, we could not get production to sign off, so the submission was pulled. Yeah, that's me inspecting the bumpers at about 7 months pregnant (still 2.5 months from delivery).

What evidence of a job you had 10 years ago is lingering around your home?


Debby said...

You would be proud. On my bookshelf was a sales manual I had written for a previous job. One day I decided that I just didn't need it taking up space and threw it away. It was a good decision. I haven't needed since then and probably never will.

Angie Weid said...

Debby, I am proud of you! Purging the past is good.