Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Dirty Job Helping to Release the Past (part 2)

Recap: We began with "Tammy" and her newly aquired investment property in need of a clean-out (and a bigger dumpster). The attic was finished first (click here) ... so on to the basement portion of this project

The before and after pictures:

Tammy had told me in the beginning that the old woodburning stove in the basement was going to be listed on ebaY. During the entire project, as I came across items that might be ebaysaleable (it's a word now), I would set them aside.

Tammy ended up with:

  • a nice collection of cross country skiis sets with poles
  • wooden highchair
  • several old glass jars and soda bottles
  • some sort of unused scooter
  • an antique seamstress dress model thingy.

The items I placed curbside seem to be disappearing as I quickly as I set them out. Hopefully the items will be put to good use in their new homes.

TWO dumpters later, Tammy's property is cleaned out of all the old past stuff left behind. The house looks and feels soooo much better.

Me ... I was one grubby looking, sweat dripping puppy. Probably should have had Tammy take a picture of me. Boy, I love getting so dirty you have to really scrub the mud off.

When was the last time you got really, REALLY dirty?


Heike said...

Hi Angie,

I need you here :)!!! What a great job! I saw some treasures in the before pictures, once you get past the dirt!

I am just starting a major take over of my house, it will not be as dramatic, but you might like it

Angie Weid said...

Goddess - take your time with your project. Break it down into small accomplishments and you will not get frustrated by having little victories. Remember to reward yourself when you complete and little project....maybe some chocolate or gaucamole (i would not mix them together though).