Thursday, June 05, 2008

SOS ... Scary Office Storage

"This is just bad"

This is the storage area at "Michelle's" office. It is also where her clients must walk through should they need to use the bathroom. Looking like this is not the ideal appearance, Michelle was hoping for.

One of the first things I noticed was this shelving unit that was not using the space efficently. These plastic shelves are OK. They are bulky and I realy don't care for them. I LOVE these MuscleRacks!! And this one fit perfectly into this corner. You can load up to 1,500 lbs per shelf. The shelves are adjustable so we were able to keep access available to Michelle's electrical panel.

We were able to combine the two plastic shelves into one MuscleRack system with plenty of room to spare. Moved around her computer system, file cabinet and paper recycling bin to create a huge walking area. Now, when a client steps out of the restroom, this is what they see. What a difference!

This is the entry door to the storage area. Originally it did not open completely. With the shelving unit gone and the items behind the door stored on the new shelf, The door fully opens and the room has a neat orderly appearance.

Most businesses have workrooms or storagerooms that their clients typically do not see. Though there are times when your clients will stumble upon them. Make sure all areas of your office have some sort of order to them. You want to project the best, possible image. People understand a working enviroment, though one with bags, boxes and parts scattered about haphazardly may raise an eyebrow on your professionalism.

What scary business area have you stumbled upon?


Anonymous said...

It's not so scary anymore, but my chiropractor was just moving into his place when I started seeing him. It was a mess! And sometimes I even had to walk over boards and tools and who knows what else.

It would've been nice if he had finished his new office BEFORE taking his clients again.

SOUL said...

my own home office at the moment.
either i'm a perfectionist in slobs clothing-- or my house really is a sty.

(it's really not as bad as it sounds---)