Monday, February 19, 2007

Optimizing Space

Perhaps the Black Hole post and my AAE degree (Yes, I am a Rocket Scientist) have put me a little "Spacey" mood.

Space is important.

Too much space, can feel lonely.
Cramped space, can feel overwhelming.
Without space, we would bump into stuff.
When you free up space....
Ahhh, refreshing!

No, I did not use this book for reference in my latest project.
It came up on a Google images search and it just made me laugh.

Memories of linear vector analysis of space methods including optimization theory. It just hit me.....WOW!! I have REALLY studied how to optimize space. Perhaps not intended to be used in Home Organization, none the less studied.

Big lead in (thank you for your patience)....Finally the project.

Here is the supply closet for Debby, BEFORE I optimized the space. The closet was not over stuffed with supplies and literature; however, shelves were sagging and the space was not used efficently, so a redesign was needed.

Here's the AFTER:

Five big 16 inch deep adjustable shelves
A new 3 drawer storage for those little things
Two hooks on the wall for hanging stuff
Most important....plenty of room to spare

Hey, another fun and successful project.

Debby, it has been my pleasure optimizing your space.

Now....If I could just remember the global theory of constrained optimization.

What education topic in your past have you found some obscure link to what you are doing today?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

A link to my past education/career happens regularly. For 22 years, I specialized in hospital infection control - devising and educating others about how to prevent the spread of infection from person-to-person or from object-to-person. I even have a Master's Degree in it! (Yep, I think you can pretty much get a graduate degree in anything.)

I sell clothes - both new and resale. (I don't use that 4-letter word that starts with a "U.")

One misconception/myth I had to deal with early in my current career was the thought that you could get "cooties" from wearing someone else's clothing. Aside from lice/nits (which can be transmitted if worn fairly soon after an infested person has worn it), it just doesn't happen!

If it did, don't you think we'd all get infected after trying on clothes or shoes in a mall store?

Debby said...

Great job on my supply closet! While it wasn't a total mess, I had been putting up with the inefficient use of the space for way too many years. Why did I wait so long???? I love the new look.