Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Water

One Friday at 5:10pm, trying to get my two boys into the car so I can get them to the "drop and flop" (my nickname for the halfway meeting location) for their weekend with their dad. As we are rushing out the door, Jacob knocks over a full glass of water.

Water goes EVERYWHERE!
Jacob's face bursts into tears.
Matthew has this look of terror on his face
("Oh man, mom is going to FREAK!").

My reaction:
"WOW! You know, I needed to clean the floor and you just helped me out. It is OK. Let's clean this up together."

I cannot tell you the joy that came over Jacob's face.

It would have been quite easy for me to "FREAK" and point out how we were going to be even more late. It was so much better for us all to just stop, each grab a towel, wipe up the floor and leave the house happy.....not to mention our floor was a bit cleaner.

Next time something out of control happens, think about the choice you have in your reaction.

Does your reaction help the situation you are in?
You have a split moment to choose a positive outcome.

How has your positive reaction changed the outcome of a bad situation?


copier kelly said...

It is too funny to hear that this stuff (water or juice spills and even the dreaded puke) actually happens to all parents at the worst time possible! My husband and I always laugh when stuff like this happens. Then I usually ask him if he thought about this when he asked me to marry him (I think not).

Anonymous said...

Permanent marker on a new bedspread; Chocolate milk on freshly cleaned carpet; Ripped pants just as the bus pulls up in front of the house. All reasons, I have "freaked" before. Good lesson, Angie! I need to be less "freakish" about these small things. :)