Friday, February 23, 2007

Awesome Card

A friend, Jennifer, showed me the greatest card I have seen in some time.

Getting a card in the mail makes me feel so special.

I got my first birthday card yesterday (my birthday is March 5th) and I was so excited.

I LOVE my birthday!!!

It is my own little holiday. I never understood why people don't like their birthday--It is your day, embrace it!

So, I have a crazy idea......I wonder how many birthday cards I can receive this year.

Send them to:
Angie Weid
1485 Stonegate Court
Temperance, MI 48182

I'll let you know how many cards I receive.

How many cards do you think I will get?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. B/C it's so funny that you say you LOVE your birthday. I think I've been saying that for nearly 37 years now!

Actually, since my teens I have made it a week-long celebration. Why not?!

My best birthday was #33: the same day my daughter was born...Yet MORE reason to celebrate! I hope she loves her birthday too.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to add that I think Angie will get at least 200 birthday cards!!!

Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I also love my birthday! I can remember so many memorable occasions from the past. My parents, then my husband, always found a special way to celebrate.

And I also love neat cards. I have a huge collection of fashion-related cards and my friend Betty (who also owns a women's resale store) has a knack for finding them for every occasion (she even sent me one for the "day after Thanksgiving sales!").

Happy birthday, Angie, a little early. Have to go now and find you a really cool card.