Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pretty Pantry

What a week!

Started off the week with a really, bad toothache.

It kinda HAD to get better from that point.

It did.

I helped a great client and friend, Kim, with her pantry. From this BEFORE picture, you can see the set-up. Not too bad, but it was not working for Kim. She had sheets of wood and laminate flooring to keep the pantry items from falling over on the current shelves.

She wanted solid shelving. When Kim set up the appointment for the old to be taken down and new installed, she did not want the pantry painted. The day of the installation, she had changed her mind.


I tore out the old shelving, patched up the holes, painted with some extra purple paint Kim had, and installed the new shelves.

All ready for her to re-stock her pantry in about 3 hours. She may add some extra shelves or baskets later.

The project came out Awesome! Kim was delighted!!

Happy clients....make me happy.....and off to my root canal I went.

Hey, I got to use some power tools...."Always a great day when power tools are involved!"

What was one of your fun projects this week?

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