Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chatting with the Future

What a FUN day today!!

I spoke to the Interior Design classes at Bedford High School in Temperance, Michigan. The teacher saw the article about me in the Monroe Evening News and invited me to talk to the students about my business.

WOW! What a great opportunity!

I shared with the classes why and how I do what I do. We went through several of my blog posts discussing the before and after pictures of projects. Talked about having a business and the success I have had to date.

The students were fantastic!

I didn't notice anyone falling asleep and they asked some great questions. (a success from my point of view)

Hopefully, I inspired them in some way.

Thank you Bedford students for allowing to share my business experiences with you, it was truly my pleasure!

Bedford Students: What did you learn today?

Everyone: Have you shared your business with students lately?

1 comment:

Gabe S. said...

wow ur presentation must have really been exiting! It takes alot to keep a group of highschool students from falling asleep. I probably fall asleep every other period due to boredom.