Friday, March 02, 2007

Some Assembly Required

One thing I love about my business is that every day is different.

Today, no exception.

I met with Leigh about 4-5 weeks ago to discuss her home office. At the time, her desk was in her bedroom crowded with papers and supplies.

"Every morning I wake up and just see this mess and think--blah."

We talked about her options and came up with a desk in the family area. Her tasks when I left were to contact her internet provider and have them drop a new line for new desk location, order a new desk and begin sorting out her current office.

Leigh did a FANTASTIC job!

When I arrived, I went to work assembly the new desk which looks perfect in the family room. She continued to sort out some things and take care of her Lia Sophia jewelry orders.

While we talked, we found out we went to the same Elementary School! She knew my little brother (who is now my big brother).

Leigh, It was my pleasure helping you out. (pulling out the old yearbook to see how we looked in 8th and 9th grade was hysterical)

Thanks for a great day!

What long distance connection have you had with a client?

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