Monday, March 19, 2007

Movin' Marvin

Perhaps one of the coolest cartoon characters of all time--
Marvin the Martian.
How can you not like Marvin?

Today I helped Marvin (not the cartoon character). Marvin is getting new carpet for his apartment and needed help getting his belongings sorted and boxed up. Basically, he needs to have his entire apartment moved into the hallway, new carpet brought in, then move all his stuff back.

Marvin is a senior citizen and was referred to me from Debra Sorensen, who is owner of an eldercare management service.

I went through Marvin's belongings sorting out old paperwork, found more bonds (geez, I am beginning to think I am a bond magnet), tossing any broken items and boxing up the rest. Marvin is now set for his new carpet.

The plan is for me to return later this week to help unpack and, hopefully, sort out even more of Marvin's stuff. Perhaps, go through his clothes, too.

After I left, I felt really good about this job. Marvin is a sweetheart. He truly needed some help getting ready, and I was glad to be able to help him.

Thank you Deb for referring me to Marvin. I am looking forward to getting his apartment organized later this week.

What recent client has truly needed your help?

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Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I also have been able to help a lot of seniors, primarily when a wife or mother has died - a wife or mother who loved to shop and shopped in the better stores.

I warn them that they're not going to become millionaires by consigning with me, but her "stuff" will not only go to a good home, but will also "live on" with other women who love to shop and in the better stores.