Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Making The Secret Work

Scott Ginsberg, that nametag guy, recently had a post about The Secret.

I have watched the Secret many times, and as Scott says:
"You can't argue it. It really is a cool movie. Smart. Poignant. Inspirational. And, of course, deliciously hokey."


It exactly how I have described it to so many of my friends and family. Don't get me wrong. I love the movie and the message it brings. You just have to be able to listen and understand what is being said. The acting of the scenes will not win any oscars.

Back in October 2006, I found Earl Nightingale's classic recording, "The Strangest Secret." This recording is far more powerful to me.

Perhaps because I have it in my car, making it much easier to listen to.

Perhaps because it is only 33 minutes in length, oppose to 1.5 hours.

Perhaps because there are no hokey acted scenes, just a voice recording.

I have a Vision Board which has been extremely successful for me. Spending a few moments visualizing my day has been wonderfully powerful. When negative thoughts creep in, it is quite easy to turn them into positive moments.

It definitely takes less effort to be positive.
I am happy and enjoying my life like never before!
Giggling now at my success, and to think
.....It is only going to get better!!

What do you think about the Law of Attraction?

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Louise Kahle said...

The Law of Attraction is the TRUTH.
Believe it or not, it's the way things work. The things you do, think and say are exactly what you get back.