Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Customizing Closets

A wonderfully busy day today.

Started off with the WEN AM Coffee Club meeting (the 50/50 continues to grow), then onto an client, lunch with a BNI member, a 1-on-1 with a fellow personal assistant, home for fun and dinner with my boys, cubscout meeting tonight....geez, I am getting more tired as I type this......

Now my client, Vicky, wanted me to come up with a plan that would work for the closet she shares with her husband, as well as, come up with some added storage space.

Here is the BEFORE picture of her husband's side of the closet. He wanted a double rod system, "get the stuff off the floor" and use the space at the top better.

In the AFTER, a big added shelf doubles the storage at the top, the double rod increases hanging space and added a slide out shelving unit for larger items.

Now, for some added storage I found the utility room (BEFORE) with a lot of open space. This is a great area to store household supply items purchased in bulk from Costco or Sam's Club.

AFTER: It was decided to add 3 big 16 inch shelves (there is clearance around the furnace). This area is going to be great for Vicky and her husband to store many items that were their closet.

Now, Vicky's side of the closet was not completed. She is going to think a little more about what she wants in the next couple weeks. Once she decides, I will be back to finish.

Perhaps it would be easier to just rush and get this project done, but listening to my client's needs and making sure they are completely comfortable is far more important.

Vicky, It was my pleasure to help you with "stage 1" of your closet.

How does listening to your client's needs make a project better?

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Roger Brown said...

I love your closet :)