Saturday, March 17, 2007

Basement Storage

This week I was back helping "Sara" with her basement. She has a ton of space, however there are no shelves. Sara also has a bunch of shelves she had removed from her children's closets. I thought, why not use the shelves Sara has and install them in the basement for storage. She LOVED the idea!

To the left is the BEFORE picture, then to the right is the AFTER. These six shelves will be great for storing extra pantry, household items and seasonal decorations.

During the same appointment, I was able to add shelves under the stairs for the extra paint and home improvement supplies. This really cleaned up the area. The extra rug was move under the steps. The paint cans were sorted by rooms, extra tiles were sorted and stacked, and boxes of broken items were discarded.

Sara is just delighted with the added storage and the organization of her home improvement supplies.
"Angie, I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my home in order. What you do is fantastic!"

WOW! That made me feel great!

Sara, it has been my pleasure helping.

What client has made you feel great?

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