Saturday, March 10, 2007

Houston....We have a problem.....


It was some setting, somewhere on my computer that was preventing me from posting these past few days.
(I still have no idea what happened)

I followed Blogger's steps to correct
--they did not work.

Then I cleared my history files & cache files, stomped around the house, yelling at the computer....then paused (what the hell am I doing) just take a step back and ignore it.

Cleared my mind of the problem, went and worked out, had a lovely post-lunch nap, nice looong hot shower......hey, problem solved! (Happy Dance!)

Alright, I have a bit of catch up here. Couple projects and thoughts to mention from the week. Not to forget my Birthday Card Tally. (I am on a secluded R&R for the weekend, so I don't have the number to post right now --> Sunday night.) SEGER in 5 days!!

Hey, I am back to bloggin.
A little more relaxed with a little less ear wax.
It's all good!

What problem have you solved and
really had no idea how you did it?

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