Friday, March 23, 2007

I Love My Boys!

I have the GREATEST boys in the entire world!

I would stand from any street corner or mountain top and proclaim this. My boys and I have an incredibly strong bond.

Two things happened recently.

One: Matthew (my oldest) earned his Cub Scout Bear Badge. In order to wear the badge properly on his uniform, he must perform a "Good Deed" without prompting. Matthew made me breakfast in bed, took the laundry downstairs, sorted it, loaded up the washer and switched it to the dryer. He's 8 years old! He is very helpful around our home, this was FANTASTIC!!
"Mom, you do everything and I wanted to help you. I love you."

Two: Jacob is 6 years old. He watches me check my email. Now, Matthew has an email account, too. Jacob was feeling left out. So, I signed him up for an account and told him I would sit down and help him with his mail and type notes. When we sat down to look at his mailbox for the first time (I had already sent him a note), he started to cry and hold me incredibly tight. These were happy tears.
"I am just happy you did this for me. I just love you so much."

I am so PROUD of my boys for who they are, what they have endured and where they are going with their lives. They not only know this, I tell them and show them through my actions every day how much they mean to me.

They know if they ever feel lonely, scared or miss me at any time. All they have to do is close their eyes and think of me. Knowing that I am thinking of them at that very same moment.

Matthew and Jacob--You guys ROCK!!

(They sat here for 20 minutes watching the clothes....Hysterical!)

How do you feel about your kids? Have you told them?

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