Saturday, February 03, 2007

Change is Good

A fun project I had recently was getting a Children's playroom organized.

That room or area that you can say to the kids, "Go into the _______ and play." This could be a basement, extra bedroom, livingroom....geez, maybe a closet if the kids are driving you nuts. Being a single mom and I adore my boys, but they do drive me nuts with their energy when all I want to do is take a myself.

So, back to "Sara's" playroom. Here is the before picture. Sara admitted there were too many toys and it was the room that everything was thrown in for a quick house clean up.

We started with sorting out the floor and boxing toys to be donated. Moved onto cleaning out the baskets on the shelves, and getting toys, books & craft items put away.

I suggested to Sara moving some of the furniture around in the playroom. When you move furniture around in a room, it triggers something in your mind. Kids are creative creatures, so this will make the room feel totally new and exciting to them.

Sara it was my pleasure helping you tackle your playroom. I hope your girls enjoy it.

When you are feeling "ho hum" about your home, move something. Rearrange the furniture. Change the arrangement of pictures on a table. Switch plants in the corners of your home (mine are all plastic, I kill the live ones). Even the smallest change will make that room feel better.

What are you going to move around in your home?

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Anonymous said...

OMG Angie...want to come help me do my whole house out here in SC? I like where my TV and computer are and that's about it...LoL!